Brekkie: Delivering Fresh Healthy Breakfasts to Your Doorstep

With the startup industry expanding in the past few years, there is a lot to explore. Young minds have been coming together to create something big and meaningful. Startups have sprung up in every field, category, and metropolitan city. Today we take a look at a food start-up in Bangalore that has hit it off in more ways the founders could have imagined. Named as Brekkie, this unique food startup is dedicated to providing healthy breakfast at your doorstep.

Brekkie is mainly about good homemade food which is distributed to their hubs and delivered to the customers. People can place orders through their website and app. They also have a bunch of food carts placed in strategic locations for people to grab their breakfast on-the-go.

Brekkie is founded a by Nikhil Behl, Ashwin Chandra and Haripriya Raja. Haripriya comes from an advertising background and was the brand planner for several of India’s biggest brands. Nikhil is a trader – their go to numbers guy and Ashwin has a background in finance and advertising.

“Quitting our day jobs for Brekkie was never part of the plan. Brekkie itself sprung for our need to liven up our usual cranky morning routine by having some healthy, quirky and yummy food. We launched it with the thought that we’d be serving a few friends and friends of friends, it quickly caught on. Jumping on board full-time was no longer a question – it had to be done!” says Ashwin.

Tossed Idlis

1. Why did you choose the food industry?

We always used to throw about ideas over a few Friday night drinks, Brekkie was just one of them. We started it off because it’s a real problem – people just don’t have access to a wholesome breakfast. It’s idly dosa or bust. It’s a problem that we wanted to solve, so we jumped into it. Just happened that it’s in the food space. That being said, being foodies as well we can’t complain about the industry we ended up in!

2. How did you go about setting up a business? What were the hurdles 
faced initially?

Brekkie didn’t happen overnight, we took our time with it. A food business isn’t easy to crack. Setting up a kitchen takes a lot of time. We hired a consultant who helped us with the initial equipment purchases and did a bit of menu planning. For the first three months though we got our hands dirty and dove right in. We chopped, grated, blended, mixed, tossed, wrapped – you name it. We learned to cook. We learned to manage a kitchen. We were extremely hands on. Once we got comfortable enough we took a step back from the kitchen side and started to focus more on the business – understanding and implementing technology, streamlining operations and focusing more on growth.

3. Are you guys self-financed or do you have any backers?

We’ve got an angel investor, someone who has plenty of experience at one of the world’s largest food-delivery franchisers.

Cinnamon Rolls

4. How is Brekkie different from other food startups?

I think there are two big differences. One, we’ve got a food first philosophy. We’re not in it to just have an app, get numbers and secure funding – we want to serve really good food. In that sense we’re more of a restaurant than a tech-startup. That being said, we focus on a real problem – and we’ve embraced technology and a bit of out of the box thinking to solve it. In that sense – we’re in it more for the economic opportunity rather than a mom and pop passion project.

Stuffed Idlis

5. What are the most popular items in your menu?

Tastes are seasonal and it switches up. People tend to order from Brekkie at least 3-5 times a week. Our fusion parathas, Oats Poha and Stuffed Idlis used to be the crowd favorite, but recently they’ve switched back to our croissants, bagels and fruit parfaits.

6. Do you have a fixed menu or does it evolve with time?

We’ve got a menu that changes daily. A set Brekkie bag with a three course breakfast is our main breakfast of the day. We’ve also got sandwiches, parfaits and muffins on the side for people to mix and match. The food ranges from North to South Indian and a healthy mix of continental as well. Stuff on the menu doesn’t repeat more than once in 6 weeks.

7. How many employees are you working with currently? How many chefs work with you?

Our cooking team is about 20 man strong at the moment. We’ve got a fleet of about 50 delivery guys, plus seven food carts with attendants. We’ve got an in-house team. The recipes have been designed by us (with the aid of consultants), they’ve been standardized and put through the wringer in terms of testing and quality control. Can’t do that with home chefs.

Basil Tomato Sandwich

8. What kind of customers order from Brekkie the most?

Majority of our customers fall in the 25-35 age group – young professionals. We’ve also got a fair number of older customers as well. The college crowd is there, but not as large as the other two groups. Most of our customers are health conscious, or at the very least, health conscious when it comes to their breakfast.

9. Which area in Bangalore do you get orders from the most?

We’re best known in Indiranagar, probably because we started here and we’ve got three food carts in this area.

Veggie Poha

10. What cuisine does Brekkie serve?

Indian and Continental – lots of fusion stuff. Health focused.

11. Do you outsource food to third parties as well?

Some of the stuff is outsourced, we’ve got a few bakers that bake our exclusive treats. Bread is bought in as well – but the sandwiches are still made in-house. We also have corporate tie-ups where we feed entire offices and do special events.

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