Build Your Own DVD Rack

For those looking to purchase DVD rack that provides your home an authentic look, then the smartest option is to select a rack made from wood such as oak or pine.

They match and contrast within any living room decorative style because of there natural warm colour tone.  However, if you are looking for a more personal and unique rack then there are also many options available including racks made from chrome, steel, plastic and even glass.  The most common design is a floor standing design however they can also be hung from the wall.

Alternatively you can also make or build your own DVD rack.  One made using your own carpentry skills and reflects your own personal styles.  For example, you can make a rack based on simple minimalist lines and styling which uses as little amount of wood as possible or you can make a rack using ornate carving and styling.

The materials required to build a DVD rack include are plywood, wood glue, pins/nails, saw, hammer, sand paper and a measuring tape.

To be environmentally conscious you can used recycled wood which has been reclaimed from old furniture.  This type wood often feature a higher level of character with cuts, scratches and even paint marks from the previous furniture design.  However, the wood can also be painted to cover the marks creating a totally unique DVD rack.

The most important factor is to design the rack so that your DVDs are safe and will not fall off and damage themselves.  In order to do this you need to remember that DVDs boxes can come a variety of sizes from single boxes through to large boxsets and limited edition cases.

Making your own DVD rack is an excellent way to learn carpentry and to show off your skills in a highly practical way.  It also a great method of saving money and being environmentally friendly.  It is important to measure accurately, using a detailed plan which will outline the various dimensions.  Building the unit without the plan may sound exciting but it will certainly end in disaster.

Good luck and enjoy your DVD stand.

Source by Gareth Lewis