Bull Semen, Human Foreskin And Placenta Facials: 7 Freaky Beauty Treatments that Hollywood Celebs Put Their Bodies Through

Every time we put Hollywood celebrities on a pedestal by assuming that they are born beautiful, the media is swift to prove otherwise by posting their ‘unflattering no makeup photos’. But are most of us aware of the lengths these ‘gifted’ divas go through to look and stay beautiful? Of course they would go through luxurious beauty regimens, after all their careers depend on it! Let us enlighten you with 7 beauty treatments that would shock the bejeezus out of you and this goes way beyond bird poo, snake venom or kitty litter.

1. Bull Semen

Yeah you heard it right! Apparently bull semen is guaranteed to leave your mane super glossy. While it may gross the majority of salon goers, it’s popularity has rendered this ‘product’ as a high end one. Lindsay Lohan swears by this treatment ever since her friend bought it as a gift (most bizarre gift ever) and can’t seem to get enough of this £100 treatment to get stronger, bouncier hair. She has labelled it as “Viagra for Hair”. Ahem…

2. Breast Milk

It is not a shocker that this nourishing milk is packed with goodness and nutrition but when it becomes a skin care essential; it is bound to raise some eye brows. Kim Kardashian who also happens to suffer from psoriasis, has found relief and comfort by applying breast milk on her skin, and no, it’s not her breast milk but her sister Kourtney’s! In her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, she decided to “steal” some and apply it to her skin and it seemed to work! Now that is called taking sisterhood to a whole new level.

3. Human Foreskin


Oprah may come across as an independent feminist who doesn’t need men to rely on. She may have proved herself wrong since the facial cream she swears by contains human foreskin! Ouch! She has endorsed a skincare line called SkinMedica and also titled it as her “magic fountain of youth.” If you thought animal testing was the only issue in manufacturing beauty products, then here is a reality check for you!

4. Placenta Facials

In case you didn’t know, placenta is an organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy. Now imagine smearing its contents all over your face. You might be less repulsed if you knew that sensational pop singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez swears by it, or not. J. Lo is desperate to slow the ageing process and one of her solutions is the expensive placenta collagen masks. They cost her over a thousand dollars a week but she swears by them. She loves that it’s natural with no harsh chemicals.’ She attributes her beauty to this whacky measure…so that’s how she looks so good.

5. Snail Slime

Hollywood celebs are known to coat their faces with this French delicacy with Katie Holmes being one of them. She claims that snail slime skin care products are smooth and regenerate damaged tissue leaving her with soft, glowing skin. Because snail slime has a mix of elastin, glycolic acid and protein, this bizarre treatment has successfully slithered its way to celeb popularity.
The most extreme version of this treatment involves letting live snails, under the supervision of an aesthetician, ooze all over your face. Apparently, snail slime is rich in allantoin, elastin and collagen. Still it is something I would personally stay away from.

6. Vampire Facelift

Another reason for bored Twilight fans to try and relate to Edward’s world. It involves pain and blood. Sold yet? Kim Kardashian, who has admitted that she will go to any extent to preserve her beauty, gave this extreme treatment a try. It’s not easy being Kim Kardashian; she has to spend so much time and money (and pain) on maintaining her highly photographed face. She shocked her fans by posting pictures of herself during a Vampire facelift. You must also know that this diva cried her eyes out during the treatment. Blood is drawn from the victim’s arm; platelets are extracted and then injected into the face to prevent wrinkles. Ughh, When did beauty regimens turn so morbid?!

7. Mummy Body Wraps

Mummy like body wraps to lose inches have been popular the night-before-awards with major actresses and actors devoted to the wraps at L.A. SlimWrap salon. For $135, you’re tied up in ace bandages (good for S&M types), soaked in minerals like potassium, then you bounce on a trampoline for 50 minutes…still in the wrap. (Would love to witness this) The salon claims you can lose six to eight inches off your body. It also helps with skin-tightening, and the effects can last up to a month. Ellen DeGeneres, Tyra Banks and Minnie Driver vouch by this treatment.

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