“Bullying Killed My Child”: This Mother’s Heartbreaking Facebook Post Is a Must-Read

15-year-old Cassidy Trevan committed suicide after being gang raped and bullied by her classmates


No parent should suffer the agony of outliving their child. Linda Trevan, mother of a teenage girl, has watched her daughter sink into depression after her brutal gang-rape and commit suicide due to the bullying. Cassidy Trevan was a victim of a gang rape and relentless bullying. A female classmate had invited Cassidy to join a group of friends in February 2014, where Cassidy was led into a room with two boys who took turns sexually assaulting her. The female classmate later confessed she had no idea about it till it was too late.


Cassidy could never open up about the incident and could not make a formal statement to the police. None of the boys were charged. For almost 22 months, 13-year-old Cassidy suffered from insomnia, flashbacks and PTSD brought by the horrific incident.  She was victim of bullying before the incident and she feared being targeted again. Cassidy had to miss out on a school semester due to the extensive bullying she was subject to.She took her own life and left behind a suicide note which her mother shared with 9 news.

Linda Trevan shared a powerful message on Facebook where she blamed Cassidy’s bullying for the emotional turmoil that drove her to suicide in December 2015.


One of the girls who bullied her, reached out to Linda on Facebook a. Day after Cassidy’s death. She said: ”Linda (I) am so so sorry for your loss. I just wanted to say I am sorry for all the things that happened. I don’t know how you must be feeling right now, losing your baby your world. I will always remember Cassy as the friend I lost. (I) am so sorry for all the things that happened.”

Linda replied: You were supposed to be her friend but you let them violate her,” Ms Trevan and added, ”They killed her as far as I’m concerned and you sat in the next room and let it happen.”

Linda has started a new page on Facebook Bullying Killed My Child; Cassidy’s Story to bring attention to Cassidy’s story, hopefully get the case reopened and to help those who have struggled with bullying.


If you are ever experiencing suicidal thoughts or are going through a personal crisis and wish to speak to someone, please contact AASRA’s 24×7 Helpline: 91-22-27546669.