Can A Lung Detox Help Smokers

Know effects about lung detox on smokers


Doing a lung detox if you are or have been a heavy smoker could be a life-saving idea as your lungs have probably been left in quite a bad state from the years of cigarette smoking. The prime reasons for this are the tar that has been inhaled that fills every corner of your lungs doing damage and aiding other problematic toxins in the lungs.

Just some of the problems that tar filled lungs can cause include:

  • Lung Cancer – This is, of course, the most dangerous and deadly and all too common.
  • Chronic Bronchitis – The smokers a cough is unpleasant and unsightly and is often irreversible is diagnosed as chronic, not ‘acute’
  • Emphysema – This is a failure of important parts of the lungs that deal with oxygenating the body. This causes breathlessness and can also lead to …
  • Strokes & Heart Failure – Lack of oxygen in the blood can lead to strokes when the brain does not get enough oxygen and can also lead to heart conditions too.

A list to make even the most hardcore smoker rethink their habit! So how does a lung detox help you avoid this fate?

Removing the tar from the lungs is the first and most important task that must be undertaken for better lung health and this is not an easy task. The body naturally does break down the tar and destroy it but this is a very slow process that can take over 10 years for a heavy smoker! This can be sped up by a huge amount of a lung detox with a combination of methods including:

  • Lung Exercises for stronger lungs and to dislodge tar
  • Dietary Changes to increase immune system response
  • Vitamin supplements that are proven to break down tar faster in the lungs

So if you need to do a Lung Detox and want to avoid lung cancer and other terrible respiratory illnesses click below for more information.

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Source by Michael Porteous