Can A Rebound Relationship Feel Like Love?

A rebound relationship can only give you hurt and hatred in return

In most cases, rebound relationships are just like that, “Rebound” and in most cases, the other party who’s been on a recent breakup will realize their mistake by going into a rebound relationship and end up hurting another person. You must try not to do this as much as possible. If you can avoid it, you should not get into a rebound relationship just to get your mind of your ex-partner.

However, I’m not totally saying that looking for a rebound relationship is a no-no. In fact, some of them even end up becoming true love. However, if you are still deeply hurt, wouldn’t it be much appropriate to let the strong emotions settle first before running into the arms of someone else.


If you’ve just been on a recent breakup it is always unfair to another person to use them as a rebound partner. You yourself experienced the pain of a breakup, why would you want to let other feel the same pain?

However, if you’re totally desperate already, thinking of ending your human existence because of the break up then I would agree that you should use every trick in the book just to get your life back and once again find pleasure in living.

But why use a rebound relationship when 90% of the times you can fix your previous relationship and get your ex back.

















Think about it, isn’t it more appropriate and beneficial to work on someone you’ve loved or most probably still love than just use a person whom you’re bound to hurt in the long run.

Now, if you’ve decided to get your ex back then listen carefully.


Plan it as soon as possible, your ex is not going to be around forever…They will eventually find somebody else and they are going to hook up with them…They are going to fall in love, they are going to have sex…so on and so forth…

Source by Marie Diaz