Can A Rebound Relationship Work For You?

If you're meant for each other it is likely to happen


Are you sure that your new partner is really in love with you?   You have to think out how a rebound relationship can work for you when they have not fully got over their last relationship.

Some people use a rebound relationship to get themselves over the suffering they feel from their previous love affair.  When they ended the previous affair, your chances of making your new relationship work are greatly improved.  Your new partner had probably been thinking about ending their old relationship sometime before plucking up the courage to actually do it. In this case, they will likely have got over the suffering from this breakup and are seeking to move on.

You should not assume the same thing when your new partner has just been dropped. There are people who are unable to live alone and who go from person to person because they don’t want to or unable to arrange the matters that caused their recent split.   They get themselves emotionally involved very quickly again because they have to feel that they have someone who loves them.  Rebound relationship like this is nearly always rather short-lived; as their new partner, you find it more and more difficult to be with someone who appears to be so needy and desperate.


People who move into rebound relationships are not conscious of how they are behaving. All they think about is their own emotional suffering and any comfort and help they can get along the way solves their immediate problem.   They find someone free who listens to them and this is all they want as they are not yet ready to love someone else.  If you become their next partner you will get a rude awakening when you wake up to the reality that you are not loved.  You suddenly realize that you are only being used as a stepping stone, while they recover and move on to their next adventure; for you, this can be very demoralizing and painful to accept.
















So you must be very wary when you meet up with someone who has just been dropped by their ex.  Make sure that their feelings for you are sincere before you get emotionally involved with them. Remember that people need time to get over a relationship.


Just as when you suffer the death of a close friend family member, you must take the time necessary for the suffering to heal if you are to come out of it a stronger person in the end.  Breaking off a relationship is usually the end of a dream and you are suffering because it did not have an “Alice in Wonderland” ending.


It is important when you meet up with someone who you think has found you on their rebound, to encourage them to date others and spend some time alone getting their own emotional template sorted out.  Maintain contact as in the future you may wish to draw them into a long term relationship.  When the two of you are meant for each other, it will likely happen, if not immediately.  Doing things this way, you can make sure how a rebound relationship can work for you.

Joe Bisley

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Source by Joe Bisley