Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol leads to destroying your health, inner peace, career, and relationships

“Can I stop drinking”, this may be the question that arises more often than not when one has indulged too much to drinking. Addiction gives pleasure; a temporary setback to life’s challenging situations. When one is in trouble or something or if there is any discomfort, one will keep on looking for something that satiates his liking, soothes his heart or perhaps shifts one’s attention from a difficult condition. Drinking alcohol is a common thing in the world. For many, it has temporarily given a relief to chase away emotional or even physical disturbance.

But if one has to look at it carefully, drinking alcohol will not work fine in many other aspects like one’s career. Concentration is lessened and the efficiency for working proficiently and competently will be reduced eventually. Hence, there is a possibility of losing one’s job or ending up to a lower position in the office. This condition is actually not just embarrassing but also disappointing to the boss. Officemates can also ridicule for the result. It will be also like losing trusted friends.


A glass of wine or beer will bring sheer excitement and enthuses the drive to perform one’s tasks. But when it is overdone, as a usual experience of most people, it will certainly be an addiction. Without it, the day would be dry especially for the merriment of an occasion like birthdays. Sometimes, a weekend with friends can also be a little dry when there are no wine glasses. So, the addiction can continue.

But realizing the harm that alcohol can give to health, career and personal relationships, stopping this habit is quite easy. Perhaps, you may repeatedly ask yourself ‘can I stop drinking’ when you are enjoying it so much plus your friends supports the idea to just taste a wine and it continues until you’re drunk at night. There is a battle within your conscience if you will stop or not. Yes, this will happen for few days of totally quitting this habit. But as days pass by, you will grow better in terms of career and relationships. Your health will become better as well.

Reading self-help books will enlighten you and this will shape your consciousness. Surround yourself with mellow sweet soft music instead of rock ones that would trigger high emotions which actually leads to quite harmful habits like drinking alcohol. After listening to music, questions like ‘can I stop drinking’, can I really do it’ will not arise anymore as you are in a good atmosphere. In addition, you will feel more relaxed and your anxiety will fade away easily.


Hence, remember that to drink alcohol means just destroying your health, inner peace and sacrificing your career and relationships. Don’t let your mind ask again ‘can I stop drinking’! Just put a determined thought with you that you will start anew.

Source by Jacqueline Bargas