Can Stress Cause Erectile Dysfunction? De-Stress For Better Sex

The arteries in the body can narrow in response to stress and this will restrict blood flow, which leads to erection issues

Are you struggling with your sexual performance in bed? More specifically, is your inability to achieve erections making you feel anxious about sex?

Men with erectile dysfunction symptoms have a poor track record when it comes to seeking the right help or treatment. Men quite often suffer erectile dysfunction in silence because of embarrassment.

Stress may be causing a problem in the bedroom. You may be wondering when you will ever be able to revert back to a satisfying sex life. The good news is that you will but some small adjustments to manage your stress levels may be required.

What Is The Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence or ED can have many causes, such as certain medical conditions and emotional issues such as stress and anxiety. It is necessary to identify the exact cause. The relationship stress has with ED is quite complex sometimes. It can be tricky to pinpoint the contribution of stress effects on erectile dysfunction. This is because each guy experiences the effects of stress in a different way. Some men can even experience premature ejaculation. This is the complete opposite where a man will climax too fast as a result of anxiety. Some men can experience both symptoms and some will not be affected by stress at all.


Why Stress is Causing a Lack of Erections

These stressful events can be work related stress, conflicts in relationships or family, age or health related. All these negative emotions can cause issues in the bedroom, and are enough to interfere with sexual activity. Responses to erection problems can lead to a vicious cycle of increased stress and unhappiness. This can result in less sexual encounters, reduced time communicating and time spent together. Stress can also lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as overeating, smoking and drinking to help ease stress.

The arteries in the body can narrow in response to stress and this will restrict blood flow, which leads to erection issues. A great deal of stress will also interfere with your body’s hormone levels and result in a low libido.

More Men Under 40 Are Seeking Help for ED

This usually has everything related to stress. Studies show that at least 25% of men under 40 are now suffering from erectile dysfunction and many in a severe form. Young men are likely to have reduced underlying conditions that commonly play a part with erectile dysfunction,

Take Action to Get A Better Sex Life

– De-stress – depending on your interest, devote sufficient time to a hobby, reading, yoga, meditation or prayer.

– Exercise more – exercise has been proven to reduce stress, helping you to increase energy and manage tension. Exercising on a regular basis will also improve overall health.

– Give up smoking – cigarette smoking can cause damage to blood vessels and the aim is to improve arterial blood supply to the manhood.

– Reduce alcohol – While a little alcohol can help to relax, too much can impair your ability to have erections making it difficult to become aroused.

– Get plenty of sleep – a lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion and low libido. You need sleep for a healthy body and sex life.

Try to enjoy other sexual activities that may take some of the pressure off so that you are not completely putting your sex life on the backburner. Look for something that doesn’t cause anxiety each time. It is important to make intimate time for each other otherwise a lack of sex altogether can lead to low libido as well as ED.

While ED can be a difficult subject to discuss with a partner or doctor, the sooner you deal with the issue, the sooner you’ll find a solution. Sometimes a psychology evaluation with a sex therapist can be an option for men too.

Source by Johnathan Dean