Carpet Suppliers are all poised to Bounce Back

Carpet industry is counted amongst the oldest industries in India. Most of the experts credit the moguls for bringing this industry over here. Under their regime, carpet weaving flourished like a major trade and did not remain just another occupation, instead it acquired the status of an art. The quality of carpet produced used to depend mainly on the aesthetic touch of the weaver. After independence, carpet industry got some assistance from the government and slowly moved towards becoming an organised sector. Even now, the main hub of carpet weaving are mainly spread in northern India, like Bhadohi, Agra, Jaipur & Kashmir. Apart from it, Panipat has off late emerged as the main centre of carpet manufacturing , primarily due to its proximity to other home furnishings products.

Even though, these days the hand tufted carpets are in great demand, the other types of carpets which have a huge market across the globe include Hand-knotted Woollen Carpets, Pure Silk Carpets, Handmade Woollen Dhurries, Chainstich Rugs and woollen carpets. Needless to say each carpet has its own unique features and distinct usability.

Most of the carpets produced are exported to western countries. The consumption of these carpets within India isn’t that high mainly because of the high cost involved and less awareness about cost-effective marketing and promotion strategies. As per the latest figures available the carpet exports from India is worth over Rs. 2600 crores whereas the domestic market size is about Rs. 200 crores.

The industry took a beating in the mid of recession however has bounced back admirably. Even though the hand knotted and hand tufted carpets rule the market demand, many big home furnishing companies have invested in this sector, keeping the long term view in mind. Most of the big names of the home furnishing sector involved in the same are Nourison, V. Heinrich, Theo Keller, Wissenbach, Abeth, Roubeni, Feizy, Capel, Obittee, Kalaty, IKEA and more.

Many carpet suppliers say that India made carpets will eventually edge out other competitors in the times to come mainly due to availability of talented and artistic skillet, low production costs, ability to innovate and flexibility to offer designs as per the client’s requirement. The only issues which could halter its growth could be poor infrastructure, child labour issues and fierce competition from China.

Overall most of the Industry experts unanimously say that in the immediate future, Indian carpet market will see rapid expansion primary due to its current retail boom and growing purchasing power of its middle class.

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Source by Amit S