Celebs Who Seem Stupid But Are Incredibly Intelligent

Celebrities, especially actors and musicians are not expected to be really intelligent. Its simply assumed they dropped out of high school to focus on their passions and had no need to strive towards academic brilliance. Rappers and actors who play the ‘dumb jock’ or silly characters are especially regarded as not very smart. But appearances are deceptive. These actors not only smarter than your average Joe, but really intelligent.

1. Rapper Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav was a musical prodigy by all accounts. He taught himself piano at age 5 and can play 15 instruments. He also graduated from culinary school and was a professional chef. [icantbenormal]

2. Dolph Lundgren, (Starred in Rocky)

Dolph Lundgren has a master’s in chemical engineering and would have gotten a scholarship to MIT but decided not to go. [jurassicbond]

3. Dexter Holland, Musician

Dexter Holland – Lead singer of The Offspring was a molecular biology graduate student at USC. [yogi-belly]

4. Cindy Crawford, Model

Cindy Crawford won an academic scholarship to study engineering at Northwestern, but dropped out to pursue her modeling career. [Andromeda321]

5. Natalie Portman, Actress

Natalie Portman has two scientific publications from her work in high school and college in psychology. She was also a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search. [Andromeda321]

6. Keanu Reeves, Actor

Keanu Reeves. I had a pretty low opinion of him (Bill & Ted, along with “I know Kung Fu” being the main reasons) but then I saw a documentary he produced and appeared in called “Side By Side” on the shift from physical film to digital. He has some surprisingly poignant conversations with different filmmakers. Definitely worth your time if you’re interested in film at all.  [ootchang]

7. Rowan Atkinson, Actor

Rowan Atkinson or well known as Mr. Bean. He has a master’s degree in electrical engineering. [Golemeister]

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor and Bodybuilder

He has a University degree in business and economics. Moved to America barely able to speak English and became a successful bodybuilder. In the 1970s documentary Pumping Iron, Arnold speaks of using psychological warfare against his opponents in what many people believed to be a purely physical sport. In addition, Arnold helped develop many bodybuilding theories that people still adhere to today. By the time he became a movie star, he was already quite wealthy from various business ventures (such as a bricklaying business and a mail-order bodybuilding supply company).

Arnold has often been characterized as a dumb jock because of his accent (he actually works with a speech coach to keep his Austrian accent because he knows it’s a major part of his image) and his physique, but he’s actually a very intelligent and driven individual who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “fail.” [SnowHesher]

9. David Duchovny (Actor in The X-Files)

I was pretty surprised to find out he has a Masters in English literature from Yale and was pursuing a PhD (about magic and technology in contemporary literature) before he became an actor. [randomchapstick]

10. Nolan Gould (Modern Family)

Nolan Gould plays the intellectually-challenged Luke Dunphy on Modern Family. In real life, Gould is a genius. He’s a member of Mensa, got a GED at 13. [Fluffing_Satan]



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