Chaat Rules the Streets of Mumbai

Chinese, Chaat, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji or any other item- Mumbai can digest anything and everything!

But what is the food that Mumbaikars relish? The one thing that they go out for over and over again? What is the food that fills the stomach of Mumbai?

Whenever, people talk about Mumbai and street food the first item that comes to mind is the ‘vada-pav’ or as many people call it ‘Mumbai Ki Pehchaan’. Wrong! It’s second in line when it comes to popular eating choices.

Pav-bhaji is something that all of us dig into with great relish or go hunting late night when all restaurants are shut and we hope against hope that there’s some stall in a hidden by-lane making pav bhaji and tawa pulav and the cops don’t catch him. Good guess, but that’s number three.

The dish of choice for Mumbai is the ubiquitous chaat. The pani puri, bhelpuri, ragada pattice stalls that dish out stuff which makes you lick your fingers to the bone win the battle hands down.

The working crowd between the age 25-30 rate Chinese as their preferred food followed by pav bhaji. It’s not for the taste though. Chinese is what they eat after they’ve been drinking. They say “Ghar ke Chinese mein, Schezwan Sauce mein who baat nahi.” They never have it at home and spend about Rs.500 each time they go with friends and colleagues.

Inspite of a valiant effort, Chinese didn’t make it to the top three. Guess the number of people who drink in Mumbai have come down a lot. Sandwiches are a favourite quick snack on the move while the large population of Gujaratis and South Indians in Mumbai makes Dosa a favourite too!

Enough of talking, we are hungry now. “Bhaiya, ek plate pani-puri dena.”