Charlie Sheen to Announce He’s HIV Positive

After boasting about sleeping with more than 5000 women, Charlie Sheen has been diagnosed with HIV. Although insiders believe that Sheen has shacked with a lot more women, Sheen maybe suffering from the deadly virus since years! The 50 year old Casanova has spent many years of his life spending money on porn stars, strippers, both male and female.  A close friend has reported that the Two and a Half Men star has not been sensible enough to take precautions and often jumped at the idea of indulging in high risk sex acts. Sheen reportedly divulged the deets of his condition to a bunch of people who then reported the incident to the Enquirer.

According to sources from the Enquirer, at least four women have accused Sheen of transmitting the virus to them. Sheen has been accused of continuing to indulge in unsafe sex after finding out about his condition and no, he did not think it was necessary to inform any woman that he is infected with HIV. He is now facing multiple lawsuits. Charlie previously denied that he is infected with HIV but this “open secret” has led to many women rushing to get checked for the deadly virus. According to Susan Moss, a family law attorney at Chemtob Moss and Forman, Sheen can be sued for millions. 

Charlie’s ex wife and mother of his two sons, Brooke Mueller has accused Sheen of potentially infecting her with HIV. Scottine Ross, his ex fiancé was clueless about his condition and continued to have unprotected sex with him for four months. Inevitably, he is now facing the wrath of women. As expected, the long list of infuriated women who now may have contracted HIV from Sheen seems to be growing by the day. Let’s have a look at SOME of the women Sheen has slept with (since listing each and every woman will be a never ending process)

1. Natalie Kenly, Goddess no.1


2. Rachel Oberlin, Goddess no. 2


3. Capri Anderson, Porn Star


4. Melanie Rios, Porn Star


5. Tamara Beckwith


6. Georgia Jones – Ex Girlfriend


7. Brooke Wolofsky


8. Brett Rossi – Ex Fiancé and Porn Star


9. Bombshell McGee – Had a Weekend Bender at Las Vegas with Sheen


Charlie is all set to make a ‘revealing personal announcement’ on the Today Show.

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