Childhood Mistakes that Still Hurt

Redditors reflect on past mistakes that still feel terrible about


“Children can be the most cruel creatures alive. They have the herd instinct of prejudice against any outsider, and they are merciless in its indulgence”: this quote from Lucy Maude Montgomery is something almost everyone has witnessed. Children do not possess the same mental filters we acquire with maturity and often say anything that comes to their heads. As we grow older, we tend to reflect on the mistakes we may have made in our childhood. Redditors list out some horrible things they have done as kids they still feel bad about.

1. I Thought I Was Being Funny

I told a girl her mom was really pretty and then asked if she was adopted. [TX_ambrosia]

2. I Damaged Property For Fun

I shot at a random person’s car window with a BB gun. When I got older, I realized how much money I cost them. I’ve felt horrible about it ever since. [20pennySpike]

3. I Tried to Act Too Cool

I purposely broke a girl’s art project while she wasn’t looking so I could look cool in front of the popular kids.

I didn’t look cool. I looked like a dick.

It was 17 years ago and it still haunts me. [marley2012]

4. Acting Too Nosy

When I was in elementary, the library teacher had a picture of someone that was short, overweight and had short hair on the wall behind his desk. It was too far for me to actually get a good look at it and I always wondered who that was in the picture for some reason. One day I ask him “Hey Mr Teacher, is that your son in that picture?” The look on his face told me he wished he wasn’t a teacher at the moment to slap this little sh*t. “No, that’s my wife”. [D34th5trok3]

5. I Tore My Friend’s Prized Possession 

My brother would take me to his friend’s house when I was about 7 and I had a crush on his friend, and I wanted all and any attention from him, so I remember going into his friends room and taking his charzard card, and him kneeling in front of me begging me to not rip it, and I tore it in half in front of his eyes. I recently ran into him and few weeks ago and it was the first thing he brought up, he joked about it but I could still see the sadness in his eyes. [Purriphery]

6. I Bullied My Brother

I used to bully my brother all the time. I learned later that he also got bullied all the time at school.

So after school he came home and instead of a safe haven he got stuck with me. So it was a constant cycle of being bullied for him.

For some reason I never saw myself as a bully and never questioned my actions.

One day I was visiting his school and saw that he was getting bullied so I asked him why he never told me that he was being bullied. He said ‘You’re worse then all of them combined. Why would you care? ‘

It was a life changing moment. I still don’t understand why I even bullied him, but it stopped the same day. I tried to be nicer to him. It took a couple of years before we had a decent brother relationship.

I broke down recently after we had some drinks. He was always kind to everyone and to me as a child and I always had to put him down and insult him. He forgave me a long time ago but I still feel guilty. I still don’t understand why I did that to him. [Mixmaster_25]

7. I Was Horrible to My Pet

How I treated my pet rabbit. I just wanted to hold and pet it, but looking back I was a terror, chasing down a frightened animal. Poor bunny, I’m glad he escaped… [BlueberryPhi]

8. I Made Fun of a Blind Guy

Absolutely hate myself for doing this. When I was around 13, I visited my family in India who happens to “own” a church. (Uncle is the pastor) After the service many poor/handicapped people come to ask for money, food etc…On this particular day there was a blind man holding a cup out asking for money. I put something in his cup and his big grin was demolished as soon as he felt the object was a small rock. Then his face went back to sadness. I thought it was so funny that I told my mom who was obviously upset with me and made to apologise and put in real money. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever done. [jcd718]

9. I Was Mean to my Teacher

Walked into my class in 4th grade, looked right at my teacher and said “ooh, SOMEONE’S having a bad hair day.” [fzellman]

10. Forced My Dad to Buy an Expensive Toy

I remember when I was a child, my country was going through a civil war, my father worked for the army and would come home very late exhausted and very depressed for seeing dead people daily. I was crying for two days wanting an expensive toy, my father came home early and took me for a walk explaining that the toy was expensive and he couldn’t afford it. When I insisted, he took me to the store and the owner agreed that he could pay half the price the month after. I can never forget this. [Acherub]

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