College Girls School Rahul Gandhi on Make In India

Mr. Rahul Gandhi if your mother scolds you after watching this, I am really sorry but I can’t resist not sharing this. This Wednesday, Rahul dressed up informally to address the students of Mount Carmel college, a leading women’s college of Bengaluru.

Bringing in politics in his speech, Rahul Gandhi attempts to corner Narendra Modi over his projects like – Make in India and Swacch Bharat.

But like every other time, this time again Rahul Gandhi proved that whenever he opens his mouth in public, the Congress loses more votes.

So when he asked the audience of the college if the initiative of Swacch Bharat is working, he got an unexpected response. It was a resounding ‘Yes’. 

He couldn’t say much to counteract that so he concluded by saying, “You might see it I don’t.”

Soon the auditorium resounded with few more unexpected answers for the vice-chairman, and he could not do anything and chanced tracks to continued his mugged up speech. What else could he do? 

Watch the video coverage here:

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