College Life: What You Expect vs. What You Actually Get

Movies like “Student of the Year” give rise to big hopes among freshers. But how many of them are actually true? Here, is a list of six expectation vs reality for all our new freshmen.

1.  Guys on Cool Bikes


1- exp

Checking out hot guys riding their amazing bikes while they come to college.


E Rickshaw - Pollution free battery operated rickshaw near India Gate area. Photo by K Asifa 27/07/2012

Folks coming by auto rickshaws, cycles and E-rickshaws. *sigh*

2. No Studying!


2- exp

Bunking every lecture while chilling in cafeteria because Bollywood taught us that no one ever studies in a college.


2- reality

Attending lectures for four hours and running after the professors to give you attendance because if they don’t, you’re screwed.

3. Dressing up Everyday


3- exp

In the first month of college, no one looks any less than Emma Watson.


3- reali

Everyone becomes Salman Khan from “Tere naam” in the coming months as pyjamas and a t-shirt will be all you can put on before rushing to college.

4. Hot Girls Everywhere


4- exp

Expect PYTs all around as “Student of the Year” had the hottest chicks of town in the college.


4- reality

Well, you know the reality very well.

5. New Besties


5- exp

Having the coolest and awesome-sauce group in the college.


5- reality

All you manage to find is a Pappu who can’t dance. You end up sitting in the crowd clapping like a silly seal.

6. Weekend Plans


6- exp

Going to clubs on every Saturday tops the weekend plans of every college student.


6- real (1)

You end up watching Pokemon or Tom and Jerry at your home. Also, assignments need to be completed by Monday.