Create Your Own Leather Motorcycle Vest


If you are riding a motorcycle, it is important to protect yourself. A leather motorcycle vest is one method of protecting yourself when riding without the excessive heat of wearing full leathers. It is also useful as an extra layer in colder weather. There are numerous places where you can buy a vest or you can make your own.

As well as being a great creative outlet, it is also a good safety feature without the excessive heat of a full leather jacket and keeps you safer. The kind of material you need is freely available from sewing shops, where you will also find the tools you need to create your own.

Once you have cut out your design make sure you try it on before you add the zipper or the snaps. It is does not matter if the middle is slightly longer. The important thing is to make sure it is secure as it could be very dangerous if the vest comes loose while riding.

People who ride motorbikes often want to add badges, either to show allegiance to a gang or show where they have been. Ideally the badges should be made of hard wearing materials like denim so it can withstand tougher conditions. For the same reason, a badge will usually be sewn on rather than ironed on or it can be lost when traveling at speed.

Many people look at motorcycling websites or magazines for inspiration for their designs, although equally it can be personal to you. Trace it out onto paper first before making it.

If you want to know more about making your own leather motorcycle vest you should look online for design videos and forum tips. There are also sites that can give you a basic guide to design and embroidery, as well as downloadable patterns.

Source by Matt LeClair