Crime in Football

Even the great Diego Maradona was banned for fifteen months after he had tested positive for cocaine

It is said that Honesty is the best policy and indeed it is. People take honesty for granted even in the field of sports. But one cannot be a true player if he plays dishonestly or uses unfair means to perform well in the game and win the match for his team. Loyalty towards the game should be the one and only priority for every player. Playing with honesty helps one to be confident while playing his game. Even in the most interesting game of football, there are incidents of the use of performance enhancing drugs, the instance of Diego Maradona and cocaine in the year 1991 is the best example of this.

Nowadays, almost in all the league games, random tests are done on the players to see whether they have used any steroids or another kind of drugs to improve their performance. Abel Xavier was the first player in English football who was banned from the game altogether for using steroids. At that moment, he was playing for Middlesbrough. In Germany, every season some players are chosen randomly to submit their urine for a test to see whether they are found positive or negative in these tests. In the year 1995, almost 15 players were punished by the German football governing body because of testing positive for the doping tests.

Players are bound to appear for the tests to be made on drugs. Even social and recreational drugs like marijuana are the ones which show up in such tests and if any player tests positive, he is dealt with strictly by the related authorities. Few players in the world of football who tested positive for doing drugs were Fernando Couto, Jake Livermore, Jaap Stam etc. Couto had a brilliant career in his illustrious 21 years career. However, during his time at Lazio, he failed a drug test. It was seen that he had tested positive for the use of nandrolone in his urine sample. He was asked to serve a ban of four months and fined sixty thousand dollars for it.

A formal player of Hull, Jake Livermore had failed a drug test after he was tested positive for cocaine. He was sacked by HullCity immediately. Even Jaap Stam was accused of having taken the nandrolone drug. He was banned for four months and later carried on his illustrious career.

Even the great Diego Maradona was banned for fifteen months after he had tested positive for cocaine. Even in the 1994 World Cup, his celebration after scoring his goal seemed weird that day. After a test was conducted on him by the authorities, he tested positive for ephedrine and returned home disgraced.

Playing the game in an honest manner should be the word for every player and because of this strict methods are being implemented to see that no such chemicals are used by the players before or after the match. Also, the punishment given to the players are so severe nowadays that the other players are forced to see the consequences of the misdeeds by the guilty party.

Source by Kev Rob