Criminal Records – The Difference Between State & Nationwide

Criminal Records – State & Nationwide

Criminal records can provide vital information on a person’s character but what kind of criminal report should you pull state or nationwide?

If you’re looking for information on someone’s past criminal offsets it pays to know what kind of information you need to help protect yourself from potential threats to your well being. For example, state records can provide you sufficient knowledge on crimes committed in the state queried. This can be helpful when you know that the person in question has a criminal background in a particular state.

Although state level information is important more often than not criminal offsets and records may not show up because they were committed in other states outside of the state queried. So even though charges may not show up on the state level report there might be other offsets that were committed in other states. That’s why nationwide criminal records are extremely helpful in finding out the full story on someone’s criminal background.

With nationwide reports you can find criminal offsets across the nation. So if the person queried has committed crimes in other states that you do not know about you can pull up this information with one simple report. That way you are left in the dark about any criminal oath committed by the person in question.

Another thing to remember with criminal records is that depending on the county the crime was committed certain charges might not show up on the record. For example, some counties depending on the date range have omitted specific records. So when you run a criminal report on someone makes sure that you do a bit of shopping around and research when trying to find the best data source.


Source by Richard Liso