Cycling: The Only Way to Free Yourself

Cycling can be fun

Nowadays, cycling has become more popular in our country recently for a number of reasons. One of those reasons, however, must be the three gold medals won by the cyclists at the Olympic Games. In fact, cycling is not just a sport though, and a friend of mine called Jim is just one of the many people who like to cycle long distances because they want to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. He belongs to an organization. Jim has been riding some routes for a few years now, along with his local friends. They do it to raise money for charity, but also because they enjoy the views across the country’s scenic landscapes and like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Lily is a campaigner who is always doing some charity rides and generally enjoying cycling, Lily runs a local group and helps organize the ‘critical commute’- where cyclists gather every last Friday of the month and cycle into work together. For Lily, cycling is about saving the planet- a cost-effective way of reducing our carbon footprint today. He regularly writes to his Member of Parliament, to ask her to support his campaign. He writes letters to the local newspaper to explain the benefits of cycling and lobby for better cycling infrastructure, and takes part in demonstrations and activities to show the public what cycling is all about.


With the developing of the society, more and more people choose to purchase cars. There are so many cars that we always see traffic jet in the street. Driving a car not only brings us noise and air pollution but also affects people’s lives. Therefore, cycling more would be a good choice and can make much fun in your life.

Source by Jill Lee