Cyclone Vardah Strikes Chennai Coast

Cyclone has already claimed 2 lives

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Update: Cyclone Vardah claimed 10 lives in Tamil Nadu yesterday. Chennai is in the process of going back to normal, with flights resumed in the city and power restored. About 20,000 have been evacuated from low lying areas.

Cyclone Vardah made a landfall in Chennai on December 12, at 2 p.m., and was likely to cross completely by the night according to the Meteorological Department. Chennai, Kanchipuram, and Thiruvallur have been affected by heavy to very heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Schools and colleges in these areas were shut yesterday. People living along the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh were evacuated, and the local bodies are on high alert. The Army, Navy and Air Force are on stand-by. The Navy has readied two ships with doctors, food supply, and water for 5,000 people, NDTV reported.

So far, the wind speed has been between 100 to 110 kmph. Conditions between Chennai and Nellore have been reported to remain severe. Last week, Cyclone Vardah hit several islands in the Andamans while making its way inland, reported Hindustan Times.

Cyclone Vardah has been the fourth cyclone to have affected the coast of India. Earlier this month, Cyclone Nada hit Tamil Nadu and Kerala and resulted in light to moderate rainfall, with minimal damage reported. Cyclone Kyant originated in east-central Bay of Bengal and made its way inland by late October. Its landfall was not impactful, but strong winds were reported in coastal Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Originating from the south of Sri Lanka, Cyclone Roanu heavily affected the coast of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, resulting in 200 deaths. Heavy rainfall was reported in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Odisha. Chennai received its highest rainfall in the course of two decades due to this cyclone.