Dan Kennedy Information Marketing Secret – Hang Out With Successful People


Davin Ogden believes in working with successful people. Networking is the key. “If you can really get to know some of these people their influence rubs off on you a lot.”

As part of Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches course, Rob Toth interviewed Davin to get his views on information marketing. Rob is collecting success tips from the top Information marketers in a series of interviews called “Future Of Information Marketing”.

In 2006 Davin joined a mentorship program as his first introduction to information marketing. To his delight he became successful quickly, without going through the pain other beginners go through. He is thankful. Later on he joined another mentor and was successful with that program also.

You have to “solve problems for people”, says Davin. The products you make have to be useful for people. Davin says “there are thousands of untapped niches.” “You need to hone in and target the niches.”

Once you have figured out what niche you want to work in, you need to start networking and doing joint ventures.

“Getting to know these successful people is not really tough”, says Davin. “It’s not as difficult as people think.” One joint venture or one friend that you make could mean the difference between success and failure.

It may seem daunting but “a lot of these people are just as personal, they’re just the same as anyone else and I know a lot of people getting started are really intimidated in trying to get close to some of these people but .. .you know there’s a lot of really nice marketers out there that are willing to take you on and point you in the right direction and drive you a little bit further towards your goal. ”

The problem is that “people just get their feet wet and they may be on the verge of cutting through and get some success for themselves.” Then these people just wander off and start doing something else. Sometimes they give up altogether. A successful friend or jv partner would talk them out of it so they would end up being successful instead of ending up now, where they started from.

“It’s really sad to see people doing that. That’s what I see happening a lot” says Davin. “I do not think people give them enough of a chance sometimes and it is really tough to start because there’s a lot to learn.” It’s all achievable if they would just start off in the right direction and keep going.

Source by Neeraj Varma