Daredevil Lady MP Rides a Harley to Parliament


Riding motorcycles, particularly the iconic Harley Davidson brand has always predominantly been a male bastion. It is not common to see ladies riding bikes particularly in India. A woman MP in India has completely shattered that myth that big bikes are just for the boys. Ranjeet Ranjan, an Indian National Congress member of Parliament came roaring into the Parliament premises on her orange Harley Davidson bike making heads turn.

“Is the woman can’t ride the bike”, Mrs Ranjan asked. “I have been riding bike for quite long time…we go on small ride, we have a small group”, she added. The 42 year old Lok Sabha member from Supaul, Bihar is married to ‘Pappu Yadav’. Even her former 3 time Lok Sabha poll winner husband isn’t allowed to touch her bike she said. He is however, allowed to ride pillion on the 10 lakh upwards priced bike which she purchased from her own earnings. The bike which is a ‘Street Bob’ weighs around 300 kg and has a powerful 1600cc engine. The MP rode around the Parliament grounds to make a statement on International Women’s Day. Check her out in action:

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