Dates Gone Wrong!

These people share the stories of their worst dates ever


Usually an embarrassing situation turns out to be hilarious with the passage of time and we laugh at how ridiculous the moment was. Bayside Journal brings to you some funny/embarrassing experiences of people on dates:

1. I went on a date with a girl whom I had met through some mutual friends. Half way through dinner, she excused herself to go to the washroom and didn’t return. I waited there for 45 minutes, hoping that she would return but nope; so I ended up talking to a pretty lady at the bar who seemed to have seen my less-than-pleased mood. I was gelling quite well with her, when suddenly my date returned an hour and a half later, saw me with this lady, slapped me in front of the entire restraurant and walked away. Thank God that crazy chick left, because I’m in a relationship with the pretty lady at the bar for almost a year now!

-Priyank, 24

2. We walked a goat for the heck of it; just like we walk a dog, complete, with a leash and all.

-Vedika, 19

3). We were talking for a long time on Facebook and decided to meet for the very first time. He seemed very gentlemanly at first. Five minutes into this fancy restaurant, he gets a phone call on which he decides to talk so loudly that the entire staff is practically glaring at us; whistles to call the waiter, chews with his mouth wide open and tells me he thought I’d be skinnier. Worst date ever.

-Heenal, 19

4. I had just moved to another city and my new colleague tried to set me up on a blind date. After much resistance, I gave in and decided to give it a shot. What could go wrong? Apparently everything. The guy she set me up with was my ex. Sorry to say, I ran from there faster than I ever have in my entire life.

-Shraddha, 23

5) I forgot his name.

-Name withheld on request, 23

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