Dating Advice – Chicken Tells You Much About Her!

If a woman chooses a particular flavor of chicken, it speaks volumes.


Have you heard an explorer taste an exotic dish and he says, “Tastes like chicken.”? There is much respect given to the chicken as it is one of the most popular and versatile foods on the planet.

Without, the dish is vegetarian, there is always a place on the menu for chicken. If a woman chooses a particular flavor of chicken, it speaks volumes. Here are some flavors:

Blazing Buffalo Wings

Women who choose this flavor are loyal and true to their friends. Of course, they are committed and faithful in a relationship. But, the downside is that they can get quite possessive at the wrong times of the relationship and are reluctant to give their partners “space” or personal time.

Besides, these women are the adventurous sort and they prefer to engage in activities that require co-regulation and teamwork.

Honey Roasted

These women are those who are “result-oriented” people. They rise fast among the rest of their team members and they take risks in many situations. Moreover, they are the people who want to mingle with people what they consider as the “better-class” of people. They strive to win and despise losing.

Sweet And Spicy

There are some women who are quiet and some who are just attention-seekers. Women who prefer this flavor seek attention and they like to be in the center of attraction. They are also flirtatious who enjoy new romantic situations and experiences. You will find the women who belong to this category to be actresses, radio DJs and those who want the public to appreciate them.

Source by Janice Hilton Freeman