Dating advice for Colombian Women

A few things you need to know before dating Colombian women

There are a lot of men feeling attracted to Colombian women. If you are one of them, you should read the following article to find out what you should consider before asking these women out for a date.  Colombian women are very different from women in your country, especially if you don´t live in South America.

Their feminine side is very important for Colombian women. They like to take care of themselves. Many of them watch their diet and go to the gym on a regular basis. Many of them are real beauties. If you are looking for exotic beauties Colombia is the place for you.
With the support of the professional dating service, Colombia offers you many opportunities to meet and date beautiful women that are seeking a relationship with foreign men.

If you are ready to discover the exotic beauty of Colombian women, use the following dating advice to make your date an enjoyable experience for both:

– When you plan to date a “Colombiana”, it does not always have to be extravagant, just a simple dinner or inviting her for a drink in a bar is totally okay. These women appreciate everything you do for them because they are not used to any type of male attention.

-Don´t give her the impression that you just want to have sex with her in exchange for a cup of coffee. That would be Colombian-style
and they hate to be treated like that because they are treated like that by Colombian men all the time.

Of course just because you are from the United States or Europe you already stand out from Colombian guys.
On the other hand, Colombian women don´t know any other reality than being treated like cheap objects.
That`s why you have to stand out and show her that she’s more than that for you.

-Colombian women take an invitation to a restaurant as an act of real generosity. Preferably you take her to some exclusive restaurant, one that she could never afford.

-When you take her to a restaurant, it is appropriate that you tell her that she can order whatever she wants. Also, you may ask her if she has a preference and then places the order for her.

– The idea is not to brag about money and giving her the impression that you are super rich.

– The idea is to make her feel special and that she`s more worth to you than a cup of coffee.

– Once she thinks that you are the prospect of being her future husband then it is appropriate that you will meet her family,
which usually means meeting parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles. These women have big families and they usually all live together in one house.

– When it comes to a serious relationship, Colombian women like to date older men, this means you will be able to date women 10 – 25 years younger than yourself.  These women think that older men are more stable and secure and chances are less likely that they will cheat on them all the time.

– Expect Colombian women to be passionate and full of life. They love to dance and having a great time.

– They are not very materialistic since most of them are used to live a very simple life. Anyway, they do like getting small gifts as a token of your affection. By the way, flowers are not a good gift for women of Colombia, because Colombia is one of the main exporters of flowers in the world and thus flowers are cheap and nothing special in Colombia. A perfect gift for a Colombiana are items like a perfume, body lotions or a gift card.

– Most of these ladies do not speak any English, so make sure that you will have a trustworthy bi-lingual friend in Colombia, who is always available and willing to play your interpreter. Or contact a professional dating service, which can provide you with a professional interpreter and tour guide.   However, if you learn some Spanish to greet them and say a few romantic words, it will impress them.

– If you`re planning a serious relationship with Colombian women, she will be possessive. Latinas are in general, very jealous and they will be a lot of drama if you flirt with other women. Once they choose to be your girlfriend they have high hopes and expectations for you. They have chosen to be your girlfriend because foreigners are seen as very sincere, stable and trustworthy. You will be like their biggest treasure. If you flirt with other women they will take it as disrespectful or like a loss of trust.

They are extremely valuable and are afraid that other women could steal you. Having a foreign boyfriend is like the best that could ever happen to a Colombian girl. Even if you´re just an average guy. You will be at least an 8 out of 10 on the attractiveness scale of Colombian women. This is the other reason, why they freak out when they think that you flirt with other women because they think that her competitors (other Colombian women) flirt with you in order to steal you.

– Last but not least, be a gentleman. Treat her with respect. Just be yourself. They are not stupid, they will notice when you´re acting. She will appreciate seeing the real you.

If you want to start dating Colombian women, it’s easy. There are dating sites, that can put you in touch with single women seeking a relationship with foreign men. It’s recommended to exchange some e-mails with serval women and having some video chats before start planning a trip to Colombia.

Source by Alexander Kloble