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Tips for how to start dating a woman

Have you ever wondered why women were so hard to understand? I did!

Until I found the key! I call it, “The Master Key”.

Meeting and Understanding women is easy once you know how! There are some distinct tricks and understandings that make it a lot easier to meet, understand and get along with beautiful, wonderful women… And to truly love your wife or girlfriend completely.

“The art of loving a woman completely” is now possible with these new teachings in my course.


“Dad just wants to love you!”

“He just doesn’t know how.”

He’s desperately trying to love you with all his heart and soul…

He just doesn’t know how…

And, you misunderstand his expressions of love as him trying to hurt you…

He’s desperately trying to love you…

He just doesn’t know how…

“There is an Answer”

What if I were to tell you that there we are so different, that men and women literally don’t understand each other at all… that we are literally are speaking 2 completely different sub languages. That when you attempt to communicate with your wife, she literally is hearing the opposite of what you are saying. And you are hearing the opposite of what she’s saying. And there is a reason why!!!

She’s Screaming, “Do you See MEEEEEE?” “Do you hear MEEEEE?” “Won’t you help MEEEEE?”

“You’ve got me DESPERATE!!!!”


Women are literally screaming at you so loudly, fighting, screaming for your love and yet, what do you do? You go out and buy her flowers. You go out and buy her gifts, you pay for dinner! This isn’t what she needs, desperately needs from your heart within.

You literally hear the opposite of what she’s saying… Thus she cries in utter desperation for your heart to hear here… To Love her, to connect with you to make her feel loved again.

The Good News is, there is nothing wrong with you! And you are loving her with all your heart and soul. And that’s my message to women! Men do love you! Men do express their love to you all the time! Men are Desperately trying to love you in every way they possibly can.

But, the message never got through. Your heart never received the message. You never truly felt that amazing love and passion and emotionally fulfilling message that he desperately screamed, shouted, and did everything in his heart and soul to love you… He loves you! He really loves you! Trust me! He just doesn’t know how! Yet!:) hahahaha…

Because, there is an answer! Yes, there is finally an answer to teaching men and women how to understand each other! There’s an Answer! A real answer and it works. It’s not easy for men to learn, but it’s not that hard either. It takes the man who has had his heart ripped out. The man who has lost everything or is about to lose it all. Sadly most men don’t’ even begin to realize there truly is something to learn to fill her heart with meaningful love deep, deep within…

What’s worse, is that no one on the planet has every truly figured out the Code! Yes, there is literally a code and I am about to reveal the keys right now! And guys here’s the key. When you learn how to speak this Code, it literally fills her heart with love and emotional fulfillment, 1 million times more than paying for any gift no matter how expensive. And, it turns her on powerfully and triggers her mating system to have sex with you!

“Now that’s Power!” The kind of power she wants you to have in the first place.

#1 We literally are speaking 2 completely different hidden sub-languages. And we process communication and body language in 2 different parts of our brain. Men process communication in their left, logical, external brain. Women use both brains, but, when it comes to love and relationships, process communication in their right, Emotional, social, creative, internal brain. Her language is called the internal, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language. The language that needs to be spoken in order for her to feel and receive love from you! But, sadly men are do not naturally process communication in this part of their brain, let alone have any clue it even exists. Thus she never receives his love. The message literally never gets through. So off he goes to buy her flowers and gifts, truly thinking this is what she wants. But, it’s not!


Because the male brain was hard-wired differently. Men communicate and express their love in words, through their logical, left brain. Which does not work for her, and here’s why.

#2 We fall in love and or receive love in 2 completely different ways. Women receive love through communication, literally. In other words, women first make a mental connection through communication. And once that part of her brain is fulfilled with enough information about you, who you are, where you are from, where you work, and receives enough mental stimulation, her lock box will pop open and, secondly she will open up to her

heart and emotions and connect with you emotionally. And, if you know how to speak, what I call, the Internal, right brains, emotionally fulfilling language and know how to communicate your emotions and feelings in the way that truly fills her heart with love, she will open up and connect with you sexually!

The females brain is hard-wired to receive love through communication. Specifically through the right brain’s internal, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language that women so desperately yearn for. Thus, women literally receive love, mentally and then emotionally, and afterward, women will have sex and connect sexually. In other words guys, all that money you have been spending didn’t do anything. So open up and learn the direction and way that women need to receive your love so you can have a greater life, love and relationship.

Now, guess how men open up to their hearts? Yep! That’s right, men literally open up and receive love and emotionally fulfillment through sex. Now hold on ladies. Before you get all mad and upset, hold on. And guys, this is completely and totally natural and healthy. But, when you do it your way first, she literally can’t open up to her heart and receive love. And that’s why women are so mad at men. Women will literally be married or be in a relationship for years and years and years and will pray, hope and finally scream and yell at you and beg you to love her. Yet, the entire time, you thought you were.


See, here’s the way men receive love. After a man has an orgasm, a chemical called oxytocin is released into his blood stream. Now, for men, this chemical acts as a relaxant. It relaxes his muscles, his body, his heart, lungs, everything. Now, more importantly, what really happens, is when this chemical travels into his brain, it goes into his lower brain and hits an artery that is controlled by the lower brain to keep blood into his muscular system. Thus, when oxytocin hits this artery in the lower brain, it relaxes the artery, thus it opens up and the blood flows into his larger brain. More importantly, it opens him up to his right, emotional brain, which we feel in our heart or chest area. Thus, he feels and receives love and emotional fulfillment. And she sits there next to him and can see this and is happy for him, but after time, she begins to feel this unbelievable emptiness, sadness and sense of aloneness that men can’t even imagine. It’s the worst, most devastating feeling in the world for a woman to go through. And he lays there, feeling total love and contentment and he has no idea what she is going through. As most men think, everything is going just fine. Men have no idea that after a few months and months, even years, she is so empty and doesn’t feel connected to him emotionally. Men think everything is going fine when one day she walks up to him with divorce papers, or he comes home and she is gone, moved out. He is shocked, lost, confused. Because he thought everything was going so perfectly. Yet, she never received his love.

Yet, many, many, many women stand by their men faithfully, staunchly, year after year, after year, praying, wishing, hoping, pleading with God, with anything, with you. Yet you literally never heard her. And inside she is, like, “I am screaming, begging him to love me.” But, the problem is she doesn’t know that you are not aware of this language of love. She is lost, confused, desperate. Because she can’t fathom why you wouldn’t return the Love to her heart like she has done for you for so many years. She thinks you speak this language that fills her heart.

But, you don’t. But, you can! You can learn how to speak this language that she will #1 Understand, that will #2 bring clarity into everyday conversation and #3 that will romance her heart and fill her with the most powerful love that not even $1 Million dollars or even $1 Trillion dollars could fill…

There is an answer here that is so powerful, so amazing, that it will change your lives forever! it will literally change the very face of this planet. Once men and women can finally come from a place of true understanding on all levels by speaking the same language and understanding each other with clarity, mentally, emotionally and physically, we will have a real chance of peace, love and true happiness on this planet. And this teaching is only taught in my course.

So, women #1 Make a mental connection, then #2 make an emotional connection; all through communicating in this right brain’s language and then #3 connect sexually with you! (So stop wasting your money and paying for dinner after dinner and movie after movie, gift after gift, only for her to say, “I have a headache.” Guys!!! She doesn’t have a freaking headache for crying out loud. She sat at dinner waiting for this one thing from you and you never gave it to her. Take my course and learn what this secret is!)

Now, as I said, #1 men connect sexually first, then #2 oxytocin is released into his system and opens them up to their emotions and then, he falls asleep. Because oxytocin is a relaxant and most men either A. fall asleep or B. are too tired to talk. And right now, I can hear all the women laughing because they all know it’s true. So then, #3 what’s supposed to happen is he’s supposed to speak in this emotionally fulfilling language, but as I have already said, he falls asleep. Thus she is left there empty!

#3 Now, here is the 3rd and finally key. Our mating systems are wired differently. So let’s see we speak 2 different languages and process communication in 2 different parts of our brains. We fall in love and receive love differently from 2 completely different directions in 2 completely different ways. And now we are sexually stimulated and turned on or Romanced differently?


Both of our mating systems are in our lower, primitive brain, the RAS (Reticular activating system) also called the Reptilian brain. Yes, people we still have a Reptilian brain. And we use it all the time. In fact we use it more than our larger human brain. hahaha…

So here’s what’s going on. For men, his mating system is in the same place. But, his mating system is connected to the back of his eyes by the optic nerve which connects to and triggers his mating system “VISUALLY” and thus turns him on “Visually”, telling him to mate. That’s why men are turned on visually by porno’s or pictures of women or images, Playboy magazine, a pretty girls smile, pretty eyes, her breast, and her bottom. Men are triggered, seduced and turned on “Visually”. Women need something deeper.

For her, her mating system has a nerve that breaks off to her right brain into her emotional communication system. Yep, that’s right guys. Women are literally sexually turned on through her ears, into her right brain through this right brains internal, emotionally fulfilling, internal language keep talking about. In other words, women are highly aroused and powerfully turned on sexually through this “Hidden” form of right brain communication.

Mother nature literally hid it from you! And there is a reason why! For the man who opens up to this part of his brain and figures out how to understand and speak this language of love, goes all the spoils. For the man who opens up to this form and communicating, he receives social power and social influence. The hidden keys to happiness, life and success are hidden in the art of Loving a woman completely! And I teach all of this in my course.

If you want to learn it, you will have to take my course. She can’t teach you, no woman can teach you, because women don’t’ know how to not speak this language when teaching you. See, she has been trying to teach you for years, many, many years. In fact for centuries, even 10’s of thousands of years. The problem, is she has been speaking and teaching this to you in the foreign right brains language which your brains processor literally can’t recognize or even process if it did recognize it. That’s like speaking and teaching this to you in Russian or a foreign language you don’t speak. Thus women have struggled vainly for 10’s of thousands of years trying to get you to understand this.

Now here’s where we humans have been messing up. We have been trying to deny our primitive brains needs. The problem with doing that is our relationship triggers, our relationship systems are in our primitive brains. And when we try to deny them, we get what we have now. 1 out of every 2 people getting married end up in divorce in 2 or 3 years. Men and women are ripping each other hearts out. Men and women fight and argue viciously even when they are agreeing but the words we use have 2 completely different meanings. And we don’t realize we are saying the exact same thing and are actually agreeing. But instead, we argue and fight. Women never receive this deep, deep love and emotional fulfillment that they so patiently wait for and pray for.


When we try to deny our lower brains natural functions, it’s equivalent to denying our visual cortex in the back of our brain because it’s so old land outdated. People! Guess what happens when you deny our visual cortex? You can’t see. And that will cause a lot of problems. Yet, that’s exactly what we are doing with our lower brains processes when we deny our mating systems and relationships needs and triggers.

Are you now starting to see why men and women fight so much and why men and women can’t seem to stay together and be married for any real length of time, especially with both partners truly feeling whole and complete, madly in love!

This is for those who wait!

And now, the wait is truly over! We Now have “THE ANSWER”.

Now we can stop the madness and finally come from a place of true love and understanding and fulfilling each other on every level; mentally, emotionally and physically.

Learning how to understand the opposite sex is truly the greatest and most emotionally rewarding journey you will ever take!

This is a Journey of love!

“Step into the Light”

Source by Mike Kollin