Death by Selfie: Eight Times People Lost Their Lives Trying to Take the Perfect Selfie

This is what happens when you try to take a selfie in front of a speeding train or a deadly snake

Selfies are everywhere. Whether it’s a groupfie, familyfie, wifie or even a buttfie they have become an almost integral part of weddings, parties and even alone time. Just recently, a 17-year-old suffered serious injuries while taking a selfie on top of an old train engine that came into contact with a live wire. This teenager was lucky to escape with his life. These narcissists, however, were not.

1. Engineering Students Drown While Taking Selfies

Two college students, Akshay Joshi (22) and Pratik Bhatt (20), drowned in the Narmada canal near Kothariya Village of Wadhvan taluka in Surendranagar while trying to click selfies with the canal in the background. The deceased were students of CU Shah Engineering College and were staying at the college hostel.

2. Japanese Tourist Dies after Fall at Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate

In September 2015, a Japanese tourist died after allegedly slipping down from the stairs of the Taj Mahal’s Royal Gate while attempting to take a selfie at the iconic monument of India. He lost his consciousness after having a fall and succumbed to a fatal injury to his head. While the tourist lost his life, his colleague fractured his leg, after tumbled from the staircase of the monument.

Representational Image
Representational Image

3. Seven Youths Drown in Lake while Trying to Take Selfies on a Boat

Seven youths, including two brothers, drowned in a lake while they were on a picnic near Mangrul Lake in Kuhi Taluka, Nagpur. Seven of the youths were on a local boat and clicking pictures of themselves when suddenly the boat tilted–as most of them were standing on one side of the boat. After hectic efforts, their bodies were fished out the next day.

4. Selfie in Front of a Running Train

An attempt to click stunning pictures with a running train in the background cost three college friends their lives. Four college students were on their way to Agra to see the Taj Mahal but only one came home alive. Aneesh, the fourth friend, revealed that the timing went so wrong that the speeding train knocked them down even before they could jump off the railway track.

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5. Teen Shoots Himself In Head With Gun While Taking a Selfie

A 15-year-old boy, Ramandeep Singh, shot himself in the head with his father’s gun while attempting to take a picture of himself with the gun. Although he was rushed to the hospital immediately, he was declared dead upon arrival.

6. Selfie on Top of Rock Proves Fatal

Prakash, an engineering student, lost his life in a tragic incident when the rock which he was standing on cracked and plunged 60 feet down the hills. Prakash had gone to Koli Hills along with his six friends and wanted a last picture with the small rock jutting out of the hillside. Sadly, the fall resulted suffered serious head injuries and lost his life on the spot.

Representational Image
Representational Image

7. Three Girls Almost Drown While Taking Selfie, Good Samaritan Drowns Trying to Rescue Them

Ramesh Walunj, a 40-year-old resident of Bandra Bandstand, lost his life while trying to rescue three girls who drowned in while trying to click selfies by the sea. The three college students and were taking selfies on the rocks when a huge wave hit them pulling two of them into the water. While the other one tried to save them, it was Ramesh who came to their rescue and saved one girl while losing his life in an attempt to save the third one.

8. Snake Rescuer Gets Kiss of Death as Photo Session with Cobra Goes Awry

Somnath Mhatre, a snake rescuer from Navi Mumbai, had almost saved and rescued 100 snakes. Little did he know, one would actually kill him. Mhatre was trying to kiss the head of the cobra when the deadly reptile bit him. He also became the 31st person to die of a snake bite with almost 30 people performing a similar stunt earlier.