Delhi Textbook Encourages Students to Kill Kittens

The Class Four textbook attempts to explain the concept of respiration through a murderous science experiment

Image: Twitter/Lola Kuttiamma

A school is meant to impart children with a good, sound education and help them grow up into responsible, caring adults— not murderers. But Class IV students in Delhi are being encouraged by their textbook to kill a cat as part of an ‘experiment’. The textbook for Environmental Studies titled Our Green World tries to explain to impressionable 9-year-olds that “no living thing can live without air for more than a few minutes.”

To explain the concept of respiration they encourage students to do an experiment with two live kittens. They ask the child to “put a small kittens in two wooden boxes each and cover with lids, one with holes and one without.” What happens next? “The kitten inside the box without holes has died,” reads the textbook making no mention of the signs of struggle the kitten is expected to make while it dies of asphyxiation. The textbook, which is supposedly drawn up by education experts, does not seem to realise that they have made children commit a terrible crime, and the lifelong guilt and hours of therapy they may have to endure due to this ‘science experiment’.

Twitter users are outraged over the image of the textbook shared by Twitter user Lola Kuttiamma.  One user claims to have reached out to the Minister for Women & Child Development— Maneka Gandhi.

Only last week, a Class 12 Social Science textbook prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education said that ugly women pay more dowry, rationalising the regressive social practice.