Diabetes Symptoms For Men And Women

Ignoring these symptoms can be a threat to your life

Diabetes symptoms men and women experience is quite similar. no matter if you are a man or woman, diabetes can come up suddenly without any symptoms. By the time, you will know about the symptoms, the disease will be spread in your body causing a lot of damage to physiological organs.


Type 1 of Diabetes Symptoms

The diabetic symptoms Type 1 diabetic patients experience are similar to other forms of the disease, but the ‘mechanics’ of the illness are a bit different.In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas stops making insulin altogether.  Normally, it happens in adults or in children.This is why sometimes you will hear Type 1 referred to as ‘juvenile’ diabetes. Common symptoms of Type 1 are frequent urination, constant thirst, being hungry even after eating food and eyesight blurry. A strong clue is weight loss -definitely an unexpected development in growing children and youth.


 Type 2 – Diabetes Symptoms

The diabetes symptoms Type 2 diabetics notice include constant thirst, frequent urination, hunger, blurry eyesight, and losing weight without trying.  If a woman is experiencing frequent or recurring infections in vaginal yeast then she should get her blood tested.Sexual problems such as dryness or pain on intercourse may also be clues to the onset of Type 2 diabetes.  In men, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of type 2 diabetes.


Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms

If anyone from the family has got type 2 diabetes then you should get tested for juvenile diabetes. If your child is lethargic or lacks interest in the usual activities, this could be a sign that blood sugar levels are off target. Other symptoms common across all forms of diabetes also apply to Type 1: constant thirst (not just that extra drink of water to stay up later at night), frequent urination, being hungry all the time or right after a meal (not always out of character for adolescent males), blurry eyesight, or losing weight deserve prompt investigation by your family health practitioner.


Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Gestational diabetes symptoms may be hard to detect.  If your weight is excessive before the age of 25 then chances are here that you may get affected by gestational diabetes when you get pregnant.Be on the lookout for the symptoms of constant thirst, frequent urination (especially before your baby is large enough to be putting pressure on your bladder), constant hunger, or weight loss.  Whenever you feel something extraordinary about your health; report it to your doctor immediately.

Source by Jenny Jordan