Different Amazing Ideas For Amazing Cake Toppers

Make your child feel on top of the world by making a special topper and sprinkle your love in it

On the next birthday of your child, you will be an expert in creating some amazing cake toppers. Make your child feel on top of the world by making a special topper and sprinkle your love in it.

Believe me, it will be the most precious gift for a child on his birthday. Creating some nice and edible toppers is in fact very easy and requires some creativity. You will have to decorate the top of your cake in an innovative way and your topper is ready.

Here are some nice ways in which you can give the cake a new look. You can sprinkle mini candies or chocolates on a light-colored base to make the cake colorful. Sprinkle jelly beans in different colors or small peppermint candies.

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You can easily make your wedding cake toppers unique which may be available online or offline may be in the form of jokes, dislikes, sport, teasers or humor that can be shared by the families.

The innovative ideas of a couple are determined by the unique style and classic preferences according to which they design their custom-made wedding cakes. There are especially two purposes behind customizing wedding cake with the cake toppers. Besides letting the people know the theme of the wedding it also helps to transfuse a classy charm to the same. Recently it is often observed that couples first choose the toppers then leave the rest to the wedding planner to set the theme accordingly.

You might have seen in the photographs of someone’s wedding that the wedding cake comprises of numerous layers of marzipan along with a great deal of icing to add to its classy look.

Do not use gumballs as they are sticky chewing gums. Jelly Bears will also be a good idea.

If you have a chocolate cake, then use light colors toppings on it. Use fondants in different shapes and colors to make the cake look tempting.

Powdered sugar is a good way to brighten up a dark chocolate cake. Use stencils to create various shapes with powdered sugars.

Chocolate curls or scrapes can be used to adorn the sides and the center part of the cake. Use a hard rectangular piece of chocolate to write the name of the birthday boy or girl.

Source by John Peterson