Dirty Little Secrets People Have Been Dying to Tell


It is said that secrets must be kept for safe-keeping but sometimes we come across certain things we just can’t keep in. Redditors list out some salacious secrets they’ve been dying to tell and we’re glad they did.

Under-18s, Avert your eyes!

1. Income Tax Scandal

I know a guy who made over a million dollars in precious metal recover from old factories and managed to get away with out reporting it to the IRS. [FreneticPlatypus]

2. The Big Bang Room

My coworker let another coworker titty bang her while her husband was away in the army. Whilst another coworker had sex with her friend in the same room. [lucielastic]

3. The Secret Cross-Dresser

A VERY prominent business owner once drunkenly confessed to me one night while I was working at a bar that he LOOOOOOVED to be dressed like a lady and let his wife peg him. Well, this being a redneck town of 3,000 people, I found it best to let him forget he told me. [c-ntpuncher]

4. It’s a Small World After All

Saw my son’s Jiu-jitsu instructor trying to find trans women on a fetish dating site while his girlfriend was back home in Brazil. That was the day I decided that this is in fact a small world. [thesteelocoltrane]

5. The Shameless Cheating Coworkers

Two coworkers of mine are bumping uglies. Not only did I catch them coming out of an area they had no business being near, but I have also seen them together in public. They’re both married, and the dude and his wife have a newborn. [_WhoQueefed_]

6. The 10 Year Old Weird Kid

One friend tried to have sex with their dog. They were also like, 10 at the time. [SuperSimoholic]

7. Ahem…

Had a business associate (whom I never met except this one time) get super drunk and show me pictures of his topless teenage daughter on his phone. [iScoopPoop]

8. I Used to Bang My Step Sister

I miss f***ing my step sister. She was easily a 9/10 in the looks and had an amazing body. I slept with her a year before our parents got together and she was my best friend with benefits. I secretly want to keep having sex. We did for a while as step sister/brother but things changed. [Surfincloud9]

9. My Friend’s New Girlfriend is Famous

An old and perpetually single friend of mine just finally got a new girlfriend. I had a weird feeling when I met her so I googled her…porn. [WolvoMS]

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