Discover the Beers of India

Everything you need to know about Indian beers


For international beer lovers, the hardest part about finding new flavors to drink isn’t locating a local store. As more and more Americans become accustomed to drinking imported beers, specialty stores are now expected to carry a wide selection of international beverages. The difficult part about being a connoisseur with worldly tastes, is knowing which drinks are worth buying. When paying a premium for imported beer, the last thing you want is to end up with an inferior product.

Surprisingly beer was not brewed in India until it was introduced by the British (in the 1600´s) with an ale named “Lion,” things have moved on at a frantic pace since those days and now beer and the beer industry is positively booming in India. Lager is the predominant option available and I have, for your drinking pleasure, selected a small sample below.


Haywards Beers

For those that like their beers with a full-bodied taste I would tend not to suggest Hayward beers as the overall genre is quite watery. In the Haywards beer range we find offered the extremely strong Haywards 10000 which comes in at a whopping 8% alcohol level, followed by the slightly less 7% alcohol loaded Haywards 5000. Haywards also produce the milder Haywards 2000 with an alcohol percentage of 5.

Kingfisher Beers


Probably the most famous Indian beer is Kingfisher, a malty, light beer that comes in a few various strengths. Starting with Kingfisher Strong, which contains around 8% alcohol, Kingfisher Premium at 4.8% and Kingfisher Blue, another strong ale at 8% alcohol. We also have the newest variety to the Kingfisher stable and that is Kingfisher Ultra, unlike the others this beer is made from imported ingredients. As a whole, I personally find the Kingfisher range of ales a delightful easy to drink beer.

Royal Challenge

The next Indian beer I am going to draw your attention to is, probably, my favourite of the Indian beer offerings and this is the full bodied Royal Challenge. This beer has a very prolonged brewing period which I feel adds to the flavour and drinking enjoyment. It is, however only a relatively mild beer coming in at only 5% alcohol level.

Kalyani Black Label

Although not my personal favourite of the Indian beers, this is a very popular choice of the Indian people being especially like in Eastern India. Kalyani Black Label is available for purchase in both mild and strong forms. The premium delivers 5% alcohol levels and the Strong has 7.8% (probably why its so popular in Delhi). The overall drinking experience is described as “smooth and mellow.”

Kings Beer


The last of my Indian beer group is the spectacular Kings Beer which, for those of you that know India, is most associated with Goa and the beaches of Goa. It is an extremely light tasting beer that is served in a little bottle perfect for lazy days on the beach. The alcohol level is only 4.8% which matches the cheap price of 35 rupees. For those who have enjoyed holidays in Goa, Kings beer will probably be etched into your memory.

Source by Julie Lewis