DIY : How To Make a Car Audio Music Player System

The principle of the current popular car MP3 player is very simple

In the high speed moving modern world, the rate of the people using the car is higher and higher, and longer and longer, the car also developed from the old simple one instead of walking into the multi-functions, especially on the modern car audio and video multimedia system, the development speed updates every day, from the initial car audio wholesale cassette to the car audio wholesale CD, then from the car audio wholesale CD to the current popular car audio wholesale MP3 player, all of them show the pursuit of the entertainment for the people.

The principle of the current popular car MP3 player is very simple. And if you get an independent MP3 player including Mini iPod player to connect an independent car FM audio emitter, so you can DIY a unit of your car mp3 player system. What benefits are for this unit of mp3 car player system? The first: it conquers the traditional car CD player system that you should go to buy CD because of that all the mp3 music information you can get from the internet at any time and at any time you can get the favorite music for you and your friends. The second: DIY a unit of car mp3 player system, the cost of it can be controlled less than 1000, in another word; it is a common mp3 price plus a dimensional sound FM car audio wholesale emitter price. The third: at the same time the car mp3 player system can let your mp3 wonderful music share with your friends in your car, solely happy and people happy, which is happier?

We can know that a simple regular mp3 we can get everywhere, but how can we get the stereo FM car audio wholesale emitter, especially the high-quality one? Now I recommend you FM02, it looks like a car handlebar, but it is different from the market one, this emitter is a whole frequency emitting from 88.0 to 108.0FM. You can get the emitting at any frequency, so it can avoid the interference by the local FM station, what is more, it has a special LCD screen, and you can coordinate your emitting point at any time. Talking about the quality, I cannot get anyone to compare with it, it adopts the digital frequency control, CPU control, 3D technology audio signal handle, car receiving system to receive the signal, how good it is.

FM02 can get the audio and the video signal of the portable digital devices like MD/CD/MP3/MP4/PDA/DVD/NOTEBOOK/PC/Mac to play directly; you can build the desk loud speakers and share the enjoyment. At the same time, you can make use of the audio and video signal of the FM frequency emitting portable digital devices including FM200 frequency points, you can build your own personal small FM station as you can listen to the FM through any FM receiving devices such as the portable FM radio and the car FM radio. It also has many advantages such as the first: it is no need installing, you do not need to stand the beatable installation and the troubles, you can listen to the network popular music wireless as it is small volume and portable, it cannot take up your car space…

Source by Linda