Do You Feel Your Wife Isn’t In Love With You Anymore? There Is Still Time To Save Your Marriage!

If you only start to worry when you realize that your wife isn’t in love with you anymore, you’re on the wrong track. If you still love your wife and desire a change, then it is time to take action in these situations.

Once you are quite certain that your wife is not cheating on you, then know that the problem is obviously centered on you. You will have to humble yourself when trying to realize what you may have done to make your wife not love you the way she has before.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you have disregarded her in some way; whether now or in the past. Do you honestly treat her the exact same way as you did when you first got married to her? I think not.

We can then come to the conclusion that this is why your wife’s love towards you has faded. First things first, you will need to make plans on how to change the way you treat your wife. For example, you may want to think over whether you tell her everyday that you love her or if you still give her a high level of intimacy.

Your wife probably does not pamper you as much as before because you have failed to do the same. Think back to the last time you spoiled her to a relaxing bubble bath, some nice flowers, or even a romantic dinner? If you haven’t done any of these things in awhile, then it also indicates that she hasn’t given you breakfast in bed for ages either. I think we can now realize that your wife isn’t in love with you anymore because you don’t give her a legitimate reason to carry intimate feelings for you!

Although you have established the fact that your wife isn’t in love with you anymore, you can also realize that there is a way to fix it. All you have to do is carry a more humble attitude and make it known to her than she is your only exception. I can tell you that the more you change your attitude to the way it used to be, your wife will most definitely fall for you all over again.

Source by Sharon Taibbi