Does Having a Partner from the Same Field Help?

It's neither easy, nor difficult. It is a different ball game altogether


What is love like for couples working in the same professional field? How is it different from the others? Is it easier or more difficult to have a partner who understands where you’re coming from, and respects your space and freedom in a relationship? Bayside Journal spoke to Mumbai couples who work in the same field, and this is what they had to say.

Vineet Nair and Deepa Unnikrishnan
Vineet Nair and Deepa Unnikrishnan

Deepa Unnikrishnan, 23, and Vineet Nair, 23, are known faces in the underground hip-hop scene in Mumbai. They met each other via a mutual friend, and realised they had similar tastes in music and similar life experiences as well. Ever since, they have hit the ground rolling. It’s been five years now, and their journey continues. Apart from love, it’s their passion for hip-hop that has brought these lovebirds even closer.

“We can rap for each other all day!” says Vineet, aka Poetik Justis. “But in the real sense, we prefer having a good conversation rather than just rapping for one another. It doesn’t mean that we don’t jam by ourselves; we even have songs coming up featuring the two of us!”

The two connect really well over their mutual passion for this genre of music, and they have only grown as a couple over the course of time. Having the same set of friends has helped them get a better perspective not only of themselves, but also of the people they have met during their journey. Respecting each other as artists and exchanging honest feedback enabled them to bring the best out of the other. Both live the hip-hop culture. “We are part of a bigger family. It (hip-hop) has bound us, in a way, to have a deeper understanding of ourselves, too. He has helped me grow as an artist. He has shared his music library with me, and introduced me to artists that are now my all-time favourites,” states Deepa.

Thomson Andrews and Wilma D'souza 2
Thomson Andrews and Wilma D’souza

We caught up with Bollywood playback singer Thomson Andrews, 29, and his fiancée Wilma D’souza, who were on their way to Malaysia for their very first gig as a couple. Thomson adorably quips, “We are unofficially engaged.” A pianist by profession, Wilma was always awestruck by Thomson, who had weird hairstyles and coloured beards.

It was Wilma who asked him out. For her, “It was love at first sight.” She says, “It is neither difficult nor easy having a partner from the field that you are in. In the beginning, it took a lot of patience and understanding. He has his own thing going on, which isn’t that regular. In the beginning, it took a lot of effort from both sides to make the relationship work. But now, it’s more chilled out.” There have been instances when the two haven’t spoken to each other for weeks together. Giving each other the space that they need is something that has helped them to understand each other much better. While Thomson tours for gigs abroad, he makes sure he connects with Wilma on chat whenever possible.

“She was super sure about me. It was me who had doubts about the relationship, as I am a singer. She was headstrong about it. I have always been scared of falling short in a relationship,” confesses Thomson. “I am blessed to have her. She is someone who really understands me.”

When your partner works in the same field as you, it is possible that the bond you share goes beyond love. It’s something like being friends, colleagues, and professionals – all at the same time.

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