Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full and Other First Date Tips

These tips will make your first date a lovely affair


1.Don’t be Late

Being late on your first date just shows disrespect. The other person probably had things they had to do, too, but they made it on time. Besides, your date might leave before you get there if you aren’t on time.


2.Don’t be Boring

Who wants to be around someone who is boring. Your date could have just stayed home and watched their favorite TV show if you are not going to be interesting. Be a good listener and ask questions during your conversation to keep the discussion going. Reveal some things about yourself but don’t tell your life story, either. A little mystery keeps things interesting.


3.Do Laugh at Their Jokes

Few things can make the other person feel more uncomfortable during a first date than telling a joke and not getting a laugh. Even if you have to force a fake laugh, try to make it sound genuine for the other person’s sake.


4.Don’t Talk about Your Exes.

If you hit it off with your date, there will be plenty of time to talk about the problems you have had with past relationships. However, you should save this conversation for some time in the future…the distant future. For now, just concentrate on getting to know the other person and allowing them to get to know you. Talking about your exes will just make things uncomfortable and you will sound like a negative person, which can be a major turnoff.


5.Don’t Get Personal

Asking person questions is not par for the course on the first date. Don’t ask about your date’s bedroom habits or anything else that might be considered too personal for people who have just met. If things go well, you may be finding out those answers on a future date anyways.


6.Do Thank the Person for the Date

Whether you want to have a second date with the person or not, thank them for the date and say you had a nice time. If you don’t plan on having a second date with the person, wish them the best of luck. However, don’t say you will call them if you don’t plan to. Just end it when the date is over.


7.Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Talking about marriage and kids on the first date is the best way to make the other person bolt the other way once the date is over. Save those topics for the future when you actually know if this is “the one.”


8.Do Control Your Alcohol

A sloppy drunk can put a damper on a good time. If you tend to get mean, aggressive, extra affectionate or if you just get a loose tongue when you have too much to drink, stay away from the alcohol on the first date to prevent embarrassing yourself.

Source by Jeff Lundquist