Easy and Fun Ways to Practice 1st Grade Spelling Words

One great way to practice spelling is to use a chalkboard and water

Your child has come home with their 1st grade spelling words and you need fun ways to practice them. Instead of the going over the same boring writing the spelling words out on paper, or spelling the words out loud, why not try something different? There are a number of other ways to learn spelling that are much more fun.

What little one does not love to get their hands a little dirty? Break out some shaving cream on a cookie pan and have your child write their words on the pan. They can smear the shaving cream to wipe the slate clean between words. They will have a lot of fun writing and smearing the shaving cream around and they will learn their spelling words at the same time.

Computer games can be a lot of fun for 1st graders. The Internet has numerous web sites to help children practice spelling and there is also spelling software available to install on your own computer as well. Find age appropriate software that is easy and fun to use and your child will enjoy it too. If you are using lists from your own school, make sure the software allows you to input your own lists.

Another great way to practice spelling is to use a chalkboard and water. Take a q-tip and have your child write the words on the chalkboard with some water. You can call it magic erase spelling as the letters will dry and then be erased magically.

Colored marks on a dry erase board can make writing the spelling words more fun. Have your child draw pictures to go along with the words. Use different colors for each word or help your child come up with silly sentences. Put words in groups by similarities if there are any.

There are so many fun, easy and inexpensive ways to practice 1st-grade spelling words that there is no reason to simply write out words or spell them out loud. Keep it fresh by finding new and creative ways to help your child learn to spell.

Source by Kimberly Arslan