Egypt Holidays Are a Unique Experience

Everything you should know about Egypt's ancient civilization


Since Roman times, the enigmatic monuments left behind by Egypt’s ancient civilization have seized visitors’ emotions. With its unique geographical position, bordering Africa and the Middle East, the country of Egypt has always enjoyed a healthy cultural cross-fertilisation – and warm, sunny weather is guaranteed, due to its fortunate location and coastlines bordering the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

With 10 million people, Cairo is just as much a bustling metropolis as it is a millennia-old settlement, and for most people enjoying Egypt holidays, this is where it all begins. The ancient mysteries of Egypt begin here, as the city plays host to both the Pyramids of Giza and the breathtaking Great Sphinx. Cairo also boasts amazing marketplaces packed with bustling vendors and many lively nightclubs for visitors who wish to experience the city’s nightlife.

From Cairo it is easy to get to grips with the rest of the country. Egypt holidays wouldn’t be complete without a trip down the River Nile. The country has relied on this waterway for over five thousand years – providing the country with drinking water, irrigation for agriculture, and a vital trade artery.

A boat trip down the Nile is highly recommended, being the perfect way to see the country in the most leisurely fashion. The wonderful sights just keep on coming – ancient monuments, riverside hamlets and spectacular natural vistas are always around the corner.

The usual end point for these river trips is the venerable city of Luxor in southern Egypt. Simultaneously a picturesque destination and a treasure trove of ancient history, Luxor is often more like a vast living museum than a city, dazzling the visitor with masses of ancient statues, palaces and temples. The jewel of the collection is the amazing temple complex at Karnak, where tourists can gasp at the incredibly well-preserved array of complicated hieroglyphic carvings, epic columns and beautiful frescoes.

Immediately across the Nile, the visitor can see the spectacular Valley of the Kings. It is highly recommended for everyone to walk among this vast city of the dead, whose streets are lined with the final resting places of the ancient pharaohs.

Despite the country’s inescapable ties to ancient history, there is much to attract people looking for a more relaxing time on their Egypt holidays. The country’s economy is growing and modernising all the time, and this has helped to create a host of new coastal resorts, which offer delicious food and vibrant nightlife.

Of the resorts, perhaps the most famous is Sharm el-Sheikh, the city by the sea. Sharm el-Sheikh has beautiful beaches with limpid waters and the opportunity to take part in diving, snorkelling and watersports around its beautiful coral reefs, where can be found more than 1,000 different species of fish.

Source by Kim Chambers