8 Awesome TV Shows That Sucked As Years Went By

They should have stopped when they were good instead of sucking so badly

Everything has an expiry date and and every good thing has to end. There comes a time in the life of every great television show when it’s time to say goodbye. It’s no secret that after a few amazing seasons some shows begin to get stale or otherwise interesting plots take a turn for the worst. When this happens we know there’s still a slight chance we can get one or two good seasons out of them but basically it’s just time to hang up. So with this in mind, here is a list of 8 shows that once were BAE but became almost unwatchable.

1. Two And A Half Men

2 and a half

When it premiered in September of 2003, Two and a Half Men proved it had what it takes to make a hit show.The show had a great formula, a cast with amazing on-screen chemistry, and was never shy of providing laughter. Unfortunately that was 10 years ago and just about everything that made it a good show is now gone. Beginning with season 9 and in the wake of Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown, we find out that Charlie Harper has died suddenly while on a getaway with Rose leaving us with new character Walden Schmidt. Let’s face it- Jon Cryer is too needy and stingy, Ashton Kutcher isn’t that funny, and the story has become far too ridiculous to be even mildly entertaining. CBS finally plugged the plug in it’s 12th season.

2. How I Met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother has proved to be pretty funny show with great performances by Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel. So why did it make to the list? Well, how about the fact that we meet the god damn mother in the 9th season! We barely saw her or got to know her. The entire series had been stretched out much too far and should’ve been wrapped up three seasons back when we still cared about the mother.

3. True Blood

true blood

A fan-favourite since its inception back in 2008, True Blood is awash with attractive characters taking their clothes off while cleverly being woven into a series of supernatural interesting plots. Full of blood, violence, gore and sex the show was one of HBOs biggest hits! But as much as it pains us to say it, the last three seasons was a dud.Hell, we can’t even get a decent sex scene!

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom, animated series, and scripted prime time TV show of all time. Unfortunately, what was once one of the greatest, funniest and cleverest TV series of all time has been overstretched. The sad truth is that the beginning with season ten, the series took a definite nose dive. The show survives and will continue to do so because of its huge fan following and popular characters.

5. The Walking Dead

walking dead

A controversial choice, The Walking Dead was among the best shows on TV when it’s first premiered back in 2010. But sadly, the series has done nothing more than drag on throughout the third season and into the fourth season. I mean come on! How long exactly can a zombie apocalypse last? There comes a point when either everyone in the world succumbs to the zombies or eventually manages to take it back.

6. Criminal Minds

criminial minds

One of many police procedural thrillers existing on the network, Criminal Minds is a perfect example of a good idea turned into a tired format. When it premiered in 2005 there was something noticeably different about Criminal Minds that set the show apart from others in its genre. But like every other TV shows within its genre, Criminal Minds eventually became a victim of its own format. The same story did indeed begin to be told over and over again while those with original plots lacked the creativity they had once defined.

7. Supernatural


Premiering in 2005, Supernatural quickly became one of the most watched TV show on air. Featuring two attractive brothers as they hunt down demons and other paranormal monstrosities, the series has gained a massive cult following and, let’s face it, the show was damn good. However, the emphasis is very much on ‘was’- while there have been few decent episodes in each season, the fifth marked the end of what made Supernatural worth watching.

8. South Park


One of the most controversial productions of all time, South Park has parodied popular culture innumerable times. But, you can only make fun of certain celebrity so many times before the joke becomes dull.

Am I right or am I right! Share your suffering with the TV series in the comment section below.

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