Eight Cool Dog Gadgets Put to the Test

Are these gadgets useful or not?

Who doesn’t love their adorable little dogs? They always manage to turn our sadness into happiness and tears into smiles.

You would do anything for their comfort, wouldn’t you?

So here we have a video by Taras Kul, a Youtuber popularly known as CrazyRussianHacker showing us eight really useful and cool dog gadgets. All of us are fed up of how hot it is currently. None of us even wish to get out of our house anymore and we prefer to sit in an air conditioned environment all the time. Imagine the state our beloved dogs are in. And they can’t even express it!

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So we could all get our dogs these gadgets so that they too can beat this heat. These gadgets such as the water bottle flap, water bowl and shower head are simple to use. The water bottle flap, that has already been attached to the water bottle just needs to be flipped so that water from the bottle enters into it on pressing the bottle. The water bottle bowl is attached on top of a water bottle, just like a regular dog water bowl, and needs to be squeezed for the dogs to drink the water. The shower head just needs to be attached to a pipe, you can adjust its size accordingly and then put it on your dog. It’s just perfect to make your dogs have a bath.

Not only does he show us water bottle gadgets but also other cool gadgets which will come in extremely handy for us such as a car leash for dogs. Now, who would’ve thought of that?

dog bath

These gadgets are very handy and convenient for any dog owner. We would recommend these for all of you dog lovers out there. Watch the video to check out all these fascinating gadgets.