8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sense8 Immediately


Everyone stop what you’re doing and go watch Netflix’s stellar new show “Sense8”. It’s about eight culturally diverse individuals, scattered over different continents, with completely different backgrounds that are all “connected”. This means that occasionally they can feel, see and hear what the others are experiencing. I guarantee it will blow your minds, within a single episode. If this hasn’t convinced you to watch it, yet-

1. The Dialogue is Gender Sensitised and Pro Feminism.


Within the first ten minutes of watching the show, I was impressed by how gender sensitised the dialogue was. One of the lead female characters is a DJ and a member of her audience remarks, “She spins well, for a girl” to which another responds, “She spins well, period.” There are female protagonists who are hackers and scientists as well, while another is an economist by day and professional wrestler by night. In other pop culture shows like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and even Sherlock, women are rarely in the spotlight.

2. An Excellent and Realistic Portrayal of the LGBT Community


The protagonists have varied sexual orientations that range from gay, lesbian to transsexual. Further, the actress playing a trans girl, Jamie Clayton is a transsexual actress and she is able to excellently portray the struggle faced by the members of her community. The actors who are gay and lesbian also shatter several stereotypes. The lesbians don’t dress like men while the gay men don’t apply gallons of hair-gel and talk in fake accents. The fact that the story very rarely focuses on their orientations, is amazing attempt to normalize homosexuality.

3. A Unique Story line


The plot is excellent and the story line often meanders down unexpected paths. You never know what’s going to happen next or which of the eight protagonists it’s going to focus on. Each of the characters has a unique and intriguing history and it’s fascinating to watch each of their lives intertwine as the show progresses.

4. Lots of  Humour and Entertainment


It’s full of thought-provoking dialogue and unexpected jokes. Each protagonist is incredibly witty and entertaining and extremely likeable. They’re also realistic and flawed and often make mistakes. Further, they have problems that we can relate to albeit, theirs are of a much larger magnitude.

5. Culturally Diverse Characters


The lead characters are incredibly diverse racially and culturally. The African Americans, Icelandic, Germans Indians, Mexicans and Korean nationals have all been represented. Even the range of careers is incredibly vast. From hackers, drug-addicts and thieves, to policemen, economists and scientists, all the sensate have incredibly diverse careers and are all gifted or talented in some way.

6. Excellent Cinematography


Excellent cinematography and perfectly timed background music. With a cop, a wrestler and an experienced thief as protagonists, you can be assured of intense and gasp-inducing fight scenes. Even if fight scenes aren’t your thing (they aren’t mine), but I had to struggle to tear my eyes from the screen every time.

7. An Attractive Cast


This is going to sound shallow but it doesn’t hurt that each of the Sense8 is utterly gorgeous.

8. Four Well Written Love Stories


The screen-writers decided they had to one-up even the rom-com TV shows and there isn’t one, but four incredibly adorable couples each with an individual love story that merges perfectly into the main story. While there is sometimes emphasis is rarely on romantic love, there’s also often a spotlight on the relationships between family and friends.

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