Expectations and Reality: Contradictions about Colleges

People who take studies in a light-minded manner may further face the reality of professional incompetence

There is a common tendency of advertising all colleges in a similar manner – the best, the most suitable, deluxe, brilliant opportunities etc. Parents perceive colleges as the path to mature life for their children. But the reality is often weird as compared to elevated expectations drawn by both students and parents before college entrance. How to distinguish them and can students be directed at the constrictive college life?

Beware: True College Life!

1. The initial idea that the student has to accept is that the reality will never correspond to the expectations; it will be either better or worse, but anyway it will never be the same. Thus, even receiving less than awaited in the chosen college, one should not get frustrated but should rather try to find some alternative advantages about which he or she had never thought before.


2. The reality of college life depends heavily on the student’s expectations and plans about it; in case the student has come to college to have a great time, to find a mate and dozens of friends, it may be true, but the real task of being at college will never be accomplished. People who take studies in a light-minded manner may further face the reality of professional incompetence, which is much harder to cope with than the absence of college friends.


3. Nonetheless, student life should not consist of only studies, which is ruinous for a personality. College is the final stage of preparation for the future life in all terms, not only studies.


Finding a proper combination of leisure and studies is the key to matching expectations with reality. Thus, adhering to rules and regulations, maintaining certain measures of self-control and becoming mature are only some realistic achievements that can be acquired in college.

Source by Michael