Fashionistas Pick Their Favourite Accessories for All-Black Outfits

Want to take an all-black outfit from drab to fab? Here's how!

From Audrey Hepburn’s classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, Princess Diana’s most iconic and remembered outfits, Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in 2012 and Adele’s preferred style statement, all of these have something in common — they were classic, all-black looks and most importantly, were gorgeously accessorised.

Numerous iconic celebrity looks have proved that accessorising an outfit right can drastically alter the way we present it! Also, black is a classic, timeless choice that never gets old, whether it is for a formal evening or a casual dinner. Trends have come and gone but the effortless and chic beauty of black has never gone out of fashion.

Subsequently, an all-black look for any day and any time is the safest and widely preferred option for many girls. However, too much of the same can get rather boring and that’s why you should accessorise away!

Five girls tell us what their favourite choice of accessories are to rock a black outfit.

1. Bold Bohemian Neck Pieces

“My accessory of choice with an all-black outfit would be a bold Bohemian neck piece,” says Dhanashree. “It gives character to an otherwise plain outfit worthy of being worn on a night out.”

Justifying her choice, she suggests, “It is my favourite because just one piece of jewellery that can change my look completely. Moreover, on wearing a bold neck piece, you need not worry about picking appropriate earrings.”

A classic Bohemian or a bold neck piece adds a dash of glamour to an outfit.

2. Pop-Coloured Bags

Krishaa says, “The pop-coloured cross-body bag is my way of showing the world that every girl in an all-black outfit, who’s going to slay the entire existence, needs that little bit of change!”

Furthermore, she adds, “The colour you choose actually can depend on what your mood for that particular day is and the best part is that everything looks good with black!”

Nothing else makes a better fashion statement than a pop-coloured bag to go with a black dress.

3. Rings

“Sometimes people say less is more and rings are just that – simple but elegant!” says Kamya. “Rings are always something you can wear casually when you’re too lazy to put on a necklace or sometimes when necklaces won’t go with your dress. Rings go with everything actually and some of them are really pretty! So I would choose a bunch of rings to accesorise my little black dress!” she adds.

Needless to say, rings add a minimalist yet elegant touch to your black outfit. They are of different kinds – from chunky ones to add pop to the outfit to small, pretty, delicate ones that rightly validate Kamya’s opinion of ‘less is more’!

4. Neon Accessories 

Mitali’s choice of accessory refreshes the look that is an otherwise monotonous one with a bright pop of colour! With neon accessories being a popular choice nowadays, she thinks, “Neon accessories complement any outfit you wear. The end result is a really stylish look!”

She adds, “If you are wondering what to pair with your all-black outfit, go with neon pumps. With an elegant all-black dress, a pair of neon pumps could do wonders.” Despite contradicting the overall theme of your outfit, they create a contrasting yet fitting statement.

5. Anything Golden

Gold and black-need I say more about this combination? Radhika opts for the timeless golden-with-black combination. She says, “So black is a universal colour, everyone loves it and almost every colour goes well with it. It’s very versatile! My favourite accessory on any black outfit is anything golden – preferably something along the lines of a golden choker or a long necklace.”

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