Fight a Speeding Ticket – One Tip That Can Help You Get Off it

Sometimes we are in such a rush to reach a meeting or meet a deadline that we have had to hurry, and speed. Nobody speeds everyday. When situations like medical emergencies arise, you may have had to speed under pressure from the situation.

Maybe you have recently been pulled over by a cop for speeding when you had to do it under compulsion. You are definitely looking for reasons to get off the ticket. That is no easy job, but you can do it under very special circumstances. All you need is the correct approach.

Here’s a big NO NO: never admit that you actually sped. This is the first step to fight a speeding ticket. If you admit to the crime, defending yourself in court is a useless exercise.

Be polite to the traffic police personnel who pulled you over and not raise a hue and cry. Do what he tells you to, take the ticket and go on. Start thinking about your real fight only after the matter has been taken to the courtroom. There is no use creating a ruckus when you get it, because that is a bad decision which is not going to find favor with the officer.

A clever strategy for you: to fight a speeding ticket, check when the officer who pulled you over is on a day off. Try and reschedule your court appearance for that day. Also, you could postpone the hearing. The longer you can delay it, the better. If the officer forgets all about it and to appear in court, the case is dismissed instantly.

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Source by Bryan Hufford