Find pilates classes centers studios in Singapore

If you are trying to find pilates classes in Singapore, here’s what i found using google.

Pilates classes are offered via SSC, CCs, YMCA, studios, dance centers, some clubs and individual teachers.  Mostly taught in sessions of 45 to 60 mins, approximate price per session in a group class are indicated in the brackets below.

Singapore Sports Council

Courses are taught by certified instructors at SSC Sports & Recreation Centres island-wide and are tailored for different age groups.  The courses cover a wide range of interests, from Bhangra aerobics, pilates & salsa dance to badminton, inline skating, kickboxing & wushu.

YMCA (~$6)

Enjoy unlimited access to all fitness classes and free use of gym!  Annual YMCA membership fee applies; $21.40 for adults; $10.70 for youths below 21yrs.

Community centers (~$10)

Search for the pilates courses at One PA. There are so many community centers, so i guess one should be easy to find, harder part would be the timing that suits.

Singapore Dance Theatre (~$16)

Pitched at several levels of experience, and taught by the company’s stable of highly-trained dancers, you will be spoilt for choice.

Studios and centers(~$20-$35)

Some studios specialize in pilates, while others teach yoga too.  Studios specialize in pilates/yoga, while centers have branches for gym too.

The information is what can be seen from their websites, so hopefully its roughly accurate:


  • Most sessions are around 45 to 60 mins
  • Group sessions are around $20 to $35 per session
    • Most group class size is 8 to 12 people
  • Private sessions are around $90 to $120, offered by most providers
    • 1 person, while semi-private is between 2-4 in a group

About the studios

  • About 90% of the list are studios with a single outlet
    • More than 1 outlet : Absolute living, Amore Fitness, Fitness Plus, PowerMoves Pilates Singapore
  • 15% offer online booking
    • Focus Pilates, Inspire Mum and Baby, Pilates Central, The Pilates Place, The Moving Body
  • Most offer matwork and reformer, with some differentiating by providing
    • rehabiliation : Focus Pilates, Pilates Central, PowerMoves Pilates Singapore
    • pre/post natal pilates : Inspire Mum and Baby, PowerMoves Pilates Singapore, The Moving Body
    • instructor courses : Options Studio, Pilates Bodyworks,
    • corporate classes : Absolute Fitness, Absolute living, Focus Pilates
    • sleep therapy : PowerMoves Pilates Singapore (Paragon)

Heres a google map show the various centers offering pilates classes in Singapore.

You can also search and filter by location, type etc using our site showing pilates classes in Singapore.

Freelance teachers

They offer private and semi-private lessons conveniently at home, in the park (cool!), or in private or sports councils gyms.  Be sure to check on their credentials though. Their services can be found in the classified like street directory or yoga directory.

Country Clubs and private clubs

If you have a membership to some club, see if they offer pilates classes too!

Hope this info helps you find a pilates classes near you!

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