Finding The Best Harley Accessories

One of the activities that are enjoyable for the owner of Harley Davidson, is looking for accessories for their Harley Motorcycle. Finding just the right Harley accessories to give to your favorite Harley Davidson rider is fun and easy. Any Harley accessories in this category would include black leather jackets, pants, chaps or other items of outerwear. Next up are belts, belt buckles, watches and other small items like lighters, jewelry, key chains, money clips, patches, pins, and scarves. A more practical Harley Accessories might include grips, decorative gas caps, timer covers, license plate frames, medallions, mirrors, covers and cleaning products. Other Harley accessories items include dart boards, posters and other pictures, coffee cups, coasters, clocks, piggy banks-especially ones shaped like motorcycles, bottle openers, wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs and another dishware. Most Harley Davidson dealerships offer some of these items for sale. The best place to find that special Harley accessories just may be online. Just open your browser, go to your favorite search engine, type in Harley accessories and hold on for the ride. Biker rallies and Harley Davidson sponsored events should also have merchants hawking their wares. Top 10 Must Have Harley Accessories There are several Harley accessories you can buy for your motorcycle. Here are 10 Harley accessories you can consider buying.

10. Fender trim If you want to highlight your front fender would become more attractive upon first look, you simply add a sweeping dash of this chrome-plated trim and you will surely see the difference.

9. Instrument trim This is a chrome-plated trim that is installed on your tachometer and speedometer gauges (selected models).

8. Exhaust system To a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, an exhaust system would highlight the very part that gives off the unique sound that made every Harley unique and popular.

7. Saddlebag Whether it is a color-matched bag or a leather saddle bag, once installed, it will sure give added toughness and style on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

6. Sissy Bar Bag Installed at the back seat of the motorcycle, the sissy bar bag will provide an extra storage that is easy to access.

5. Backrest pad The backrest pad is not only functional, it is also a good cosmetic that adds to the image of the Harley-Davidson

4. Windshield and windshield trim Made from a hard-coated polycarbonate, this Harley accessory that can resist scratching is a great addition to your Harley-Davidson.

3. Motorcycle Cover Especially made for a true-blooded Harley-Davidson motorcycle, this Harley accessory will provide protection every time you park it at your garage or somewhere else.

2. Seats Whether you go solo or with someone at your back, a good seat will let you enjoy the whole ride.

1. Rider’s essential kit If you want to buy a whole set of Harley-Davidson that would fit on the particular model you own, a kit would be a great choice. It includes Harley accessories Especially made for a true-blooded Harley-Davidson motorcycle, this will provide protection every time you park it at your garage or somewhere else.

Source by David Java