5 Bizarre Schools Around The World

You can learn witchcraft, elf mythology and even prostitution at these schools

From bizarre food to amazingly weird restaurants, uncommon people on earth to oddly fascinating places, we have seen, heard or might have even experienced them some way or the other.

Schools are reopening soon and most of us will be heading to our mainstream, boring, typical schools studying the same old subjects.

But hold on, what if I say there are schools on this planet which teach insane things like witchcraft, elf mythology and even prostitution and people actually enroll in them!
Shocking? Here, have a look.

1. Trabajo Ya (Prostitution School)

It is a school like no other, one that offers a professional course in how to sell your body for money. Prostitution is legal in Spain. There are between 400,000 prostitutes in Spain today. A school called Trabajo Ya, which means “Work Now,” opened in Valencia to teach prostitutes the most effective tricks of the trade. The school offers a “basic course in the professional prostitution with maximum discretion.” They created an ad calling for people to apply for their classes knowing that the profession is profitable and offers instant employment for both sexes.

The training lasts for a week and involves classes in both theory and practice. Students are given lesson on the history and evolution of prostitution as well as business skills. They hold daily two-hour practical session during which students learn the ins and outs of sex toys and familiarize themselves with the Kama Sutra.

2. McDonalds’ Hamburger University


Who knew McDonald’s had their own university? The McDonald’s Hamburger University, located in Oak Brook, Illinois, is a 130,000 square foot facility founded by the McDonald’s Corporation in 1961. Unlike what its name implies, the school doesn’t just focus on the art of burger-flipping. It trains students in all aspects of restaurant management and since it was established, over 80,000 McDonald’s employees have graduated from the school. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to say that you graduated from Hamburger University?

3. The Icelandic Elf School


Yes. This is a real thing. Elves are a popular aspect of Icelandic mythology, so why no dedicate an entire school to the subject? The school, located in the country’s capital city Reykjavik, teaches about all aspects of elf mythology including where they live, what they look like, elf culture and elf behavior. The school also offers guided tours of areas around the city where elves are said to live. At only $50 for a four-hour course, which includes a study book, meals and a certificate upon completion, this may be something worth checking out if you ever visit Iceland.

4. Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School


After checking out elf school, why not drop by Santa Claus school? The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, located in Midland, Michigan, is a school all about Santa. The school, having been established in 1937, is the longest-running Santa Claus school in the world and specializes in training people who work as Santa Claus during the holiday season. Who knew there was a school for this? Students are taught everything Santa related you can think of including the history of St. Nicholas, proper dress-up, make-up techniques and reindeer activity.

5. The Witch School


If J.K. Rowling is your icon and the Hogwarts your dream destination, you need to attend a class or two here at The Witch School. While there are many witch course modules online that you can seek an online admission to, this school has a physical location where you can learn a thing or two about witchcraft. This school caters to witches and their education throughout the world. This school was shifted from its earlier location because of the unfriendly nature of the locals around who keep on sprinkling holy water to keep themselves safe. This is why the school has now been shifted to Salem, Massachusetts, largely due to the friendly witch community and its historical importance.

Would you ever enroll in any of these schools? Let us know in the comments below.