Five Easy Ways To Stop Smoking

Give up smoking in a slightly easier way and will help you to quit forever.

When it comes to smoking it is important to realize that there is no quick and easy method of giving up. However, there are some new ways to stop smoking which can allow you to overcome some of the side effects when quitting smoking or increase willpower, causing the struggle to give up to get a little less stressful.


  • Herbal non-smoking aids can be used to replace nicotine in the body and allow you to cut down your nicotine addiction slowly but surely. The benefits of this have been seen by many people, but like many other stop smoking aids, it does not work for everybody.
  • Hypnosis can allow you to interact with your senses by using positive affirmations and suggestions and enables you to deal with all the emotional and psychological aspects of smoking rather than the physical effects, meaning that once you have given up, it should stay that way.
  • Drugs can be obtained via prescription as a last resort to stopping smoking. This can include antidepressants which can reduce the smoker’s interest in cigarettes. However, due to being such new treatments, the long term effects of a few of these drugs are not yet known.
  • Inhalers and sprays are now being made widely available to help smokers give up due to their ability to clear clogged nasal and throat passages, a common side effect when quitting smoking.
  • Subliminal messaging can be used to align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals and therefore greatly increase willpower. A subliminal stop smoking CD can be used as an alternative to other smoking aids and significantly reduce cravings, allowing you to give up smoking in a slightly easier way and help you to quit forever.

Source by Dan Bainbridge