Five Health Benefits of Having a Beard

Who’d have thought beards could be healthy?

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To shave or not to shave, that is the question, post No-Shave November every year. We make things easier for you: let the beard grow, it’s healthy for you! Here are five health benefits of growing a beard. But if it’s gone already, no worries. Bookmark this page and remember to check it the next time you plan on shaving.

Stay Young!

It is often said that a beard makes you look older. But few are aware of the fact that on the inside, it is keeping your skin younger by reducing the exposure to direct sunrays. Now, who doesn’t like to stay young?

Bye-Bye Asthma and Allergy

The major reason for allergies and asthma are the allergens that settle in and around your face. Facial hair prevents this and as a result, reduced allergies and problems due to asthma!

Bacterial Infections, Stay Away!

Growing a beard prevents the growth of bacteria, which may be harmful and cause skin infections. Some of these infections are even caused by regular shaving. The choice is yours for the making.

Helps in Preventing Skin Cancer

Beards also protect from the direct exposure to cancerous UV rays from the sun. The thicker the beard, the higher the protection.

No Artificial Moisturisers Needed

The sebaceous glands, which help with the moisturising of skin, work better with a beard than without one. Beards keep the wind and cold air out, thus preventing your skin from getting dry.

If you still aren’t convinced about letting your beard grow, do me a favour, go take a look at yourself in the mirror while you still have the beard on. Looks good, eh? Now ask yourself again, do you still want to shave?

P.S. A beard will probably increase your chances of getting laid and sex is one of the best exercises one can get. That’s yet another health benefit for you.


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